American Airlines Seat Selection: How to peak comfortable Seats?


Want to fly with American Airlines while you commence your travel plans? Well, the airline is world’s largest and US origin airline that has been making millions of passengers satisfied with their travel plans. Besides, the airline is also quite famous for its aviation services, plus one can also take benefits of its online services to make and manage reservations as per their preferences. So, if you have been thinking to book your flight tickets on American Airlines, then here’s what you need to know about. Besides, you’ll be guide with the info on American Airlines Seat Selection.

American airline is one of the customer-friendly airlines as it provides luxurious inflight services and dedicated customer services. It enables travelers to book their flight seats before and after making a reservation. Sometimes passengers are not aware of the seat booking procedure and keep searching How do I pick my seats on American Airlines?. If you are planning to visit via American Airlines and wish to book your seat, you must consider the process described in the forthcoming section and enjoy your journey. Before reserving your seats, you must be aware of the airline seat reservation policy. 

Suppose the passenger wants to reserve their seat on American airlines. In that case, they can secure their seat within the booking, after booking by using the manage trip option, or they can connect with the representative on the phone. If the passenger is looking for the answer about How do I reserve seats on my American Airlines flight, they can use (toll free Number +1-802-800-2746 the methods mentioned below. 



Passengers can reserve their seats at the time of booking. If the passenger wants to know how to reserve American airlines flight at the time of booking, they have to follow the instructions that are given below: 

  • Open the official website of American Airlines.

  • Click on the plan travel option. 

  • Enter the required details.

  • You have to select your seat as well. 

  • Click on the declaration form and sign it. 

  • Pay the charges, and you will receive the confirmation on the registered email and text. 


The traveler can use the manage booking option to reserve their seat after booking. To use the manage booking option, they must follow the process given below: 

  • Go to the official website of American Airlines. 

  • Click on the advantage option. 

  • Under the advantage option, you have to select the “your trip’’ option. 

  • Enter your required details and click on the sign-in option. 

  • Go to the seat option and choose your seat.

  • Pay the charges and get confirmation on the registered email id and text on the phone number. 


American airlines grant you to choose the preferred travel seat on the journey. To select the seats, you can follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you can access the official web portal of American airlines.
  • Afterward, you can tap on the manage booking option available on the website.
  • At there, you provide the reservation reference number with the passenger's surname.
  • Once you tap on the submit button, you will see the list of bookings with American airlines.
  • From that, you can choose the flight you want to select the seat. 
  • With this, tap on the seat selection option from the drop-down section. 
  • On the next page, you can choose the seat from the given seat according to the travel class. 
  • You can make the payment, if any, and complete the process. 

With the above steps, you will successfully select the seats, and American airlines will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id. 

Does American Airlines charge for seat selection on international flights?

Yes, American Airlines charges for seat selection, which will vary depending on the flight route class of bookings. But still, if any customers do not know Does American Airlines charges for seat selection on International flights, they must pay between 160 USD to 180 USD for the long haul route flight for a standard class ticket. If the customers want extra legroom and more comfortable seats and travel on an international flight, they must pay between 180 USD and 200 USD. Customers who select the premium or business class will not need to pay any charges for the seat selection, but if they want to modify that fixed seat, then charges are applicable. Customers who are premium members of the United Airlines flyer program can also avoid the cost of seat selection but there are certain seat selection policies which a customer have to follow. 


If you plan a vacation to the United States of America, you can book a seat on American Airlines business class to give a luxurious start to your holiday. However, you may wish to know What is the best seat in American business class. American Airlines is known for premium quality customer services it offers to passengers and treats business class passengers exceptionally well.If you book your ticket on the ‘Flagship business class,’ you will enjoy the excellent American Airlines services in following ways:

  • You will get a comfortable lie-flat seat on the flight. 
  • You will get a multi-cuisine meal service on the flight and s customized dishes as per your choices
  • You can select your drinks from an extensive menu of alcoholic drinks
  • You will get free access to the premium lounges at the airport
  • You will get a priority in check-in
  • You will get free internet services on the flight and many other perks.


You haven’t selected the American Airlines seat yet. Then, select it. And, if you don’t know how to choose a seat in first class, pursue the further content to do this. Therefore, as per the policy, you can make your American Airlines seat selection first class by three methods that are: 

  • Select the seats while booking

  • During check-in, select the seats

  • Via customer service, choose the seats

  • At the airport, select the seats.

Thus, here you will see the easiest way to select seats on American Airlines. So, you need to follow the steps below under this article. Moreover, if you skip the reservation selection, choose the seats during check-in. For that, you need to open the American Airlines web browser,

  1. Search for the Check-in option and click on it.

  2. After that, mention all the required information, the booking reference number, first name, and last name. 

  3. Tap on the check-in option. 

  4. After that, you will get all details. Continue the further steps.

  5. The seat map will open. Select the seats from there in the first class.

  6. Continuing the steps and tap on the payment option 

  7. Pay the charges for the Seat selection in first class. 

  8. And you will receive a notification over your registered number.

Thus, if you book the seats in advance and pay $40, the main cabin fee is $20, and the American Airlines first class price is $80. 

Hence, by the above article, you can easily select seats on American Airlines. And if you have any difficulty, call the live person at 800-433-7300. For more, go through the website.


If you have to avoid paying for American seat selection, you can use some important tips and avoid the fees. Here are: 

  • Passengers can select their seats within 24 hours of booking and don’t have to pay the charges. 

  • If you are a member of the Advantage program, the airline can select the seats without paying fees. 

  • Passengers who book the flight through award points can select the seats without paying fees. 

  • If you did not select the seat before or after booking, the airline would provide you with a free seat at check-in time. 


Suppose you have a booking on American airlines, and you skip to book the seat before or after the flight. American Airlines will assign you the available seat at check-in time, free of cost. Try to don’t skip the booking of the seat. 


American airlines charge to choose seats, but on some terms and conditions. If you select the seat after booking the flight, you must pay $10 or $11 each.  When you read the terms and conditions, you will know when and where to pay the seat selection charges. 


If the passenger is traveling with their family with their children under 15, they did not assign the seats to themselves. The airline experts will search for the seats together before departure day. The airline experts will try to keep the passenger's families together. If the seats are limited, the airline experts will assign seats with childer under 15 next to at least 1 adult. 

How Do Seat Assignments Work On American Airlines?

If you are traveling with your friends and family and have made a reservation with American Airlines, then the airline may not assign your seat together. However, the airline also provides an option to select your seat as per your choice. If you want to know how do seat assignment work on American Airlines, then here are some points from the airline policy which you can read to grasp a better knowledge about seat selection:

  • AAdvantage members get priority over seat selections.
  • If you do not choose a seat or skip the seat selection, then the airline will automatically assign you a seat.
  • You can select your preferred seat while making a check-in through the official website or American Airlines mobile app.
  • If you are traveling with children under 15, the airline will automatically assign you a seat.
  • To choose a window or aisle seat, you must pay an extra amount.


Before reserving their flight seats, passengers must check the availability of the seats on American airlines. Follow the steps to find the seat: 

  • Visit the American airline’s official website. 
  • Select your desired route. 
  • Enter the information of your departure and destination airports.
  • Click on Search. 
  • After selecting the flight and seat
  • Click on “Book It.”

American airline allows passengers to change their seats. You can visit the official website for the latest policy and fee updates. 


If you have already booked your American airlines flight tickets to your destination and want to know, "Can you choose seats after booking American Airlines?" then yes, you are eligible to do so. American airlines allow its passengers to select seats according to their comfort either after making a reservation or during check-in at the airport. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure to reserve your seats, then you can refer to the forthcoming section to know the exact procedure & book your favorite seats.

Customers can follow the following instructions to book their particular seats for the journey.

  • Begin the process by visiting the official American airlines website.

  • Now you need to login into your American Airlines account to proceed further.

  • On the home page, you will find the section "find flights" click on it to discover your booked ticket. 

  • You need to enter the passenger's last name and booking reference number and tap on findreservation to discover your ticket.

  • Once you find your booking, click on the option to edit and proceed to tap on "seat select."

  • Now you will be displayed a seat map. You can check the available seats and their prices.

  • Click on the desired option to finalize your selection.

  • Soon you will be navigated to the payment page. Make the payment using your preferred mode to reserve your seat.

  • Soon you will receive a seat confirmation message on your registered number.

Customer's problem, "How can i select my seat on american airlines?" will be resolved using the above procedure.


American airlines understand every circumstance and allow you to grab all the details online at their website. You can choose the preferred travel seat when you book the flight ticket. You can also choose the seat after the reservation according to the destination. You can select the seat according to the American Airlines seat policy as mentioned below:

  • If you choose the travel seat within 24 hours of the purchase, you don't need to pay any fees. 
  • You can select the preferred seat anytime before the scheduled departure by paying the fees. 
  • If you don't select the seats till flight check-in, American airlines will randomly allot the seat free of cost. 
  • If you are traveling with children under the age of 15, then American airlines will allot the seats together before the scheduled departure. 
  • Elite members will get priority access to choose the preferred seat for comfortable travel.


Many passengers are unable to choose their preferred seat for their travel. Following are the reasons if you can't pick your seats with American airlines:

  • If you have bought the basic economy ticket with American airlines, you cannot choose the seat. You will get your seat assignment at the time of check-in or at the terminal gates. 
  • If you are a gold member and purchase the regular economy ticket, you will sit in the priority section of the economy cabin. 
  • If the check-in portal closes, you cannot choose the seat. With this, American airlines will assign you the seat as per the availability and travel class. 
  • Due to some technical glitch, you cannot choose the seat online. In this case, you can reach the airport authorities to pick up your seats. 

Although, you can get through with the American Airlines customer service team. They will help you to get the best seat for your travel.

Can You Select Your Seat on American Airlines Economy?

Yes, American Airlines provides customers the flexibility to select economy seats according to their preferences. Customers can purchase their desired seats anytime by paying a certain amount. If they want to avail of free seats, then it will be allotted by the airline & if they are traveling with their families, then there is no surety that they will be seated together. So to book your seat according to your preference, you can use the instructions given below:

  1. Visit the official AA website through your browser.
  2. Navigate to “my trips” from the top menu bar.
  3. Enter the booking reference number & passenger’s name to find a reservation.
  4. You can also login into your existing account to discover your ticket.
  5. Click on “manage booking” and proceed with “seat select.”
  6. From the available seats on the seat map, you can make your choice & confirm your seat by making a payment.
  7. You will receive a final confirmation text on your registered number once your seat is confirmed.

If you are still confused, "Can you pick your seat on American Airlines economy?” then you can reach the customer care service to clear your doubt & buy your seat. The seat can also be purchased at the airport, but the chances of availability of your preferred option are very less.

American Airlines Seat Selection Procedure

if you are geting some difficulty in American airlines seat selection procedure then follow the given steps.

1: Seat Booking By Online Procedure:

To book a seat on the American Airlines online portal, you need to follow the following steps on american airlines seat selection fee in sequential order:

  • Visit the official American Airlines website and select the option "my trips" from the top menu bar.
  • Now you need to search for your flight by entering the details such as your booking reference and passenger's last name. Click on the search button.
  • You will now be displayed your reserved flight. You can also login into your existing account using your credentials to discover your flight. Once you find your ticket, click on the "edit" option.
  • Now proceed to select the seat, and you will be displayed the available seat map. You can check the price of your desired seat and navigate to make a payment for your reserved seat.
  • Once confirming your seat and successfully paying the amount, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered number that can be used for future reference.

2: Seat Booking By Contacting Customer Service:

You can also avail of this alternative to book your seat. For this, you need to call customer service and provide all the flight information & make an online payment for your seat.

You can also select your American seat at the time of check-in at the airport, but the chances of getting your favorite seat are very less in this case.

American Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Are you looking the American Airlines Seat Selection fee? Do you want to know About fee? If yes, Then here you can know about your fees.

American Airlines allows its passengers to select their seats by paying some extra charge. The fee to be paid generally depends upon the availability of the seat and traveling distance. If you wish to select a seat in the economy class itself, then seat selection might cost you somewhat around $10-15. But if you want to upgrade your seat to a different class, then the price varies accordingly.

American Airlines International Business Class seats 

If you are someone who wants to reserve a ticket with American Airlines for international business class, then you have to surely know some of the characteristics that you might find fascinating, especially considering the comforts of American airlines international business class seats and among the USA carriers it offers amazing bedding as well as seat layout, and it features 1-2-1 on long haul flights if you are traveling alone or if you are someone with a companion the fully flat beds is the standard of this class, and if you are traveling solo, then you might prefer a window seat, and if you are with a companion then you may want a center pair of the seats another alternative is to selecting window seat and one of the center selection seats across the aisle as it is easiest to converse if you make a selection of choosing your seat this way.

What type of seats is on American Airlines? 

American Airlines offer different types of seats to their travelers: Flagship First, Flagship Business, First, Business, and Premium Economy for Business Class passengers. Main Cabin Extra, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy for Economy class travelers. Flagship First is the most exclusive and personalized experience for Long distance travelers. Flagship Businesses offer unique amenities to their long-distance passengers, first providing the highest level of services. The business offers the highest level of service for short distances on International flights. If you want to enjoy exceptional amenities and more space for international travel, choose Premium Economy. Customers can choose Main Cabin Extra for more legroom, you can select the main cabin for free entertainment, and Basic Economy is the lowest main cabin fare with some restrictions.

What are the main cabin seats on American Airlines?

Main Cabin Seats of American Airlines provide free entertainment to their travelers and much more. Passengers with American Airlines reservations and select Main Cabin seats can enjoy extra legroom, free carry-on, free entertainment, unlimited In Flight Wi-fi, and Complimentary snacks and drinks. You should reach the Airport on time, complete the check-in process on time, and proceed for Early Boarding to get easier access to overhead bin space. If you want to enjoy extra legroom, customers must pay charges to book extra leg space, starting from $20. 

Passengers can book Main Cabin seats online for both Domestic and International flights by visiting their official website and selecting Manage Booking, entering the existing reservation details, and clicking on the seat map to select the preferred seats.

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