American Airlines basic economy baggage policies

American airlines provide different traveling classes to travelers and have framed different baggage rules as per traveling class. Passengers must always take care and follow American airlines basic economy baggage policies if they are traveling to any destination in economy travel class. Refer to the information provided in the upcoming section and get a complete idea of the baggage policies. 

What is the American Airline Economy baggage policy?

While flying with American Airlines Economy class, if you are wondering about the baggage allowance, then you can go through the American Airlines basic economy baggage policy points noted below and get updated on the airline's terms and conditions. 

  • Amerian Airlines offers you with one free carry-on baggage when you are flying in economy class.
  • The size of the carry-on baggage should be the same as the measurement so it can fit into the upper head cabin.
  • You can carry one handbag with you that can be placed under your front seat.
  • In addition to your one personal item, you can also bring an instrument, a pet or other essentials as per the American Airlines guidelines.

How many bags are free on American Airlines economy?

After making the reservations for your scheduled flight, ensure that you are updated with the airline's baggage allowance rules and regulations so that you can pack your baggage accordingly. While flying with American Airlines economy class, if you wonder about your baggage allowance, you don't get advanced services for the economy reservation. For the economy class, American Airlines allowed you to carry one carry-on bag and one handbag for free inside the aircraft. However, ensure that the Size of your carry-on bag matches the measurement provided by the airline; otherwise, it will be counted as a checked bag, which is not free for economy-class passengers.

How do I know if I have a free checked bag on American Airlines?

There are different baggage rules for the different Airline classes. If you have a free checked bag on American Airlines, you can check it on your flight ticket. If you have booked your flight seat with American Airlines economy class, the airline will not provide you with a free checked bag. If you are a member of an AAdvantage or eligible for the AAdvantage gold, you can get a complimentary free check-in bag with your flight ticket.


Though American airlines impose certain restrictions for economy classes but also provides the best traveling option at economical prices. Refer to the following highlights of American Airlines baggage policies:

  • Customers can only take one carry-on and 1 personal product with them.

  • The dimensions of the carry-on bags must not exceed size 22 * 14 * 9 in (56 * 36 * 23 cm) and must fit in the overhead bin.

  • The dimension of hand baggage must be under the limit of 18 * 14 * 8 inches (45 * 35 x*20 cm) and must fit comfortably under the space available in front of your seat.

  • Apart from the above items, customers can also carry instruments, pets, and special items that follow airline guidelines, but an additional price must be paid for them.

  • All the luggage apart from this needs to be checked at the American Airline ticket counter.

  • If your items exceed the limit, they need to be sent as checked-in baggage.

Does Basic Economy on American have a carry-on?

Yes, according to the American Airlines basic economy baggage policy, the airline allows you to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag without paying the charges. However, it has certain rules and regulations, as the size of your American Airlines carry-on bag should be under the airline's provided measurement. The bag's dimensions should be 45 linear inches ( 22 X 14 X 9 inches ) or 115 centimeters ( 56 X 36 X 23 cm ), including the handles and the wheels.


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