How Do I Find My American Airlines Confirmation Number?


You can get your confirmation number from the confirmation mail you get while purchasing the flight ticket. You need to open the mailbox and search for the flight booking mail in which you will see the 10-digit number that will be your flight booking number or confirmation number you can use to manage your booking. You can look at the end of the email to identify the flight number. If you still have the question, Where do I find my flight confirmation number American Airlines? Then you can go for other ways through which you can retrieve the confirmation number. 

  • Other than confirmation mail, you can check the receipt that you have received from the airport desk or city ticket office while purchasing the flight ticket; you can look at the bottom or middle of the receipt.
  • You can also check the credit card statement, if you go through your bank account, you can check the debit section where the payment history is listed, which may include the purchasing flight ticket at that place, and you can retrieve the ticket number.

You need to keep in mind that the airline issues separate ticket numbers to include extra options such as seat upgrades and bags.


The confirmation number is not the same as the flight number you receive when you book a flight ticket on American airlines. However, if you are looking for the answer to Where is American Airlines confirmation number, then, in that case, you must read the following section, and you will get the appropriate number. It's a type of alphanumeric code that consists of both numbers and letters and is around six characters long.

Several steps to check the American airlines confirmation number:

  • The primary option through which a passenger can check their ticket confirmation number is through the American airline official website; manage my booking section by entering required details like last name and phone number. 
  • Another best tool to relocate your confirmation number is your email address, where American AirlinesAirlines send the booked flight details.
  • Lastly, you can also dial the customer service phone number, and once you connect with the live representative, provide them with your booking details, and you will get a confirmation number, and you can request for email reference.


The most common reasons behind passengers aren't receiving the confirmation email from American airlines are known to be if you have entered the wrong email id credentials, the email server settings on your device being inappropriate, or it could be your email inbox being filled with emails and you are short of space; that's why you aren't able to look for your booking confirmation email, and in such regards, you can contact customer services and receive immediate help.


Every airline makes sure that the passengers book their flights quickly and in the minimum time. To achieve this goal, they offer multiple methods for booking tickets that are online, offline, and helpdesk. But if you need a clear answer, How long does it take to get ticket confirmation from American Airlines? Then you may understand that time taken for the reservation depends upon as soon as your payment is made for the tickets. See the modes:-

  • If booking online, this is the fastest method for the booking because you just surf the website of American Airlines and pick your preferred dates, trip types, and flights. Then continue to pay the amount for tickets; once it is done, your rockets will be confirmed.
  • If you visit the airport desk and request to make a booking, then pay the costs either by cash or any payment mode. Then your tickets will be confirmed instantly.
  • If you reach the airline’s help desk and request the concerned person to book a flight, now you will need to share your details first. Then a link to the payment gateway will be shared with you. Use it and make payments to the airline, and your seats will be reserved.


If you have already made a booking from American Airlines using any of the discussed ways and now want to confirm it from your end, then you may check these simple points for the answer to your query:-

  • Once your seats are booked, you receive a confirmation in your email or text.
  • Not only the confirmation email you will get but also an e-ticket for your trip. You will be able to download it to your device and use it at the airport for check-in and entry into the flight.
  • You may visit the web portal of American Airlines and login into your account through the PNR status. You will open your purchased ticket. Here you will know that your tickets are confirmed.
  • You may also utilize the mobile application of the airline and check the PNR status for booking confirmation.

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