United Airlines Seat Selection


After you have booked your ticket on United Airlines, you will be assigned a seat with your booking. But you will be happy to know that on United Airlines, you can select a seat on your scheduled flight according to your preferences. However, the seat selection will be strictly based on the policies of United Airlines seat selection and the availability of seats on the scheduled flight.

You may get through the airline’s support team via phone, chat, or social media. If you want to avoid the costs for this service, then you must reach the airline within 24 hours; but if you are not able to surf the website and make changes to the tickets, then you can make a call at +1-802-800-2746. Or do a live chat from the web portal airline.


Online: To select a seat on a flight on United Airlines, you can follow an online course which will get your chosen seat confirmed. The online method is easy to follow and can be done even if you log in from your mobile device with an internet connection. Try the following steps to get into the online procedure of seat selection:

  • reach the official website of United Airlines 
  • Click on ‘my trips’ to get the options
  • Enter your last name and confirmation number
  • Choose seat selection from the menu icon 
  • Get the view of the seat map
  • Choose your desired seat 
  • Make the payments, if it is an upgrade or payable
  • Get confirmation on the completion of the seat selection .

Call: besides the online process, you can call United Airlines customer service to assist you with selecting seats. You will get an instant reservation on the chosen seats. Customer service can be reached at 0800 044 0005 for all queries on seat selection.

After you reach the airport, you can request your desired seat while collecting your boarding pass.

Therefore, read the above content to know HOW DO I PICK MY SEAT ON UNITED AIRLINES, as per your preference.

Can You Pick Your Seat For Free On United?

If you wish to pick Seat for United Airlines for free, then you must qualify for any of the below-mentioned conditions.

  • If you select your seat within 24 hours of the initial ticket purchase.

  • If you have made a flight booking in business class.

  • If you are using your existing traveling miles to select your seats. 

  • If you are United Airlines elite member and your purchase ticket is in standard economy, economy plus, or premium plus traveling class. 

How Much Does United Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

Customers need to pay some amount to the airlines if they want to reserve their desired seat for their traveling. The cost might fluctuate depending on your traveling class and traveling destination. The approximate amount that must be paid by the customers to United Airlines for seat selection is $10-$15. The price might vary. 

Does United have a lot of seats for their travelers?

You have reservations with United Airlines for International Destination, and your seat selection is still pending. If a customer is wondering, Does United automatically assign seats? In such cases, Airlines allot seats automatically for travelers according to availability and fare type. But you will not get your preferred font, window, and other seats as it depends on availability. Passengers must select seats during the booking or check-in process, or you can skip this process to avoid extra charges if you are planning for a budgetary trip. Else you are allowed to call their customer service for seat selection before 5 hours of the journey.

What happens if passengers do not select seats?

Airlines give time to customers to reserve their selective seats, but if you missed it, you could book seats a maximum of 4 hours before the Scheduled Departure. If the Airline can't pre-assign your seat , there is no need to worry; travelers will allot a seat during check-in or at the departure gate.

Does United automatically assign seats?

Yes, United Airlines do automatically assign the seat because there are times when travelers didn’t select a seat online at the time of ticket purchase, but note one crucial criterion that suggests your seat will be assigned to you not as per your preference, and you might have to pay some charges which could be nominal but payable.

How much does United Airlines charge for seat selection?

Airlines do not charge extra charges for seat selection for available seats, but if customers opt for preferred seats like window seats, closer to the front, and two chairs, they start from $9. The Seat Selection charges depend on the route or destination and the customer has chosen the fare.

Do You Have To Pay for Seat Selection on United?

The charges for seat selection on United Airlines is as the same as other airlines, which means that the majority of travelers can select their preferred seats on United Airlines for free one more point smoothly to note in this reference is that customers also get the option for preferred seating and even upgrades for such travelers who are willing to pay.

How can passengers avoid paying for seats on United Airlines?

If a customer is buying saver fare seats and wants to avoid the extra charges, you better skip the seat selection process during the booking or check-in process. United Airlines will assign the seat automatically for free during check-in or at the departure gate, which may include seats towards the front of the plane. They allow the seats to passengers according to seat availability. 


If you have made a reservation and you need to review the reservation, and you are wondering, “How do I check my reservation on United?” you can find the answer here. The details on the reservations are important, and you should review them once before you check in for the flight.

Any mistakes made while making the reservation can be rectified, and you can modify your reservation once you have checked the reservation on the official website.

Steps to check your reservation.

Using the official website:

You can check your reservation by visiting the official website easily, as it is user-friendly. You can manage your reservation once you review it. To check your reservation follow the steps below.

  • Go to the homepage - United.com.
  • You have to click “My Trips” and enter your confirmation code and last name.
  • Your reservation summary will show up on the screen, and you can review it.


Yes, United Airlines has an opportunity for the passengers in which the airline offers to select their seats without paying any costs. If you want to sit on the seat of your choice, you can select the seat after bookings. But to get a brief knowledge of Is seat selection free with United airlines? , you need to get through the related policies of the airline. Check them:-

  • The seats will be assigned to you only if they are available or vacant.
  • If you request the airline for your seat after 24 hours of the reservation, the airline will impose some amount on you for the service.
  • But if you requested it before, then this service is free to obtain.
  • Your request for a particular seat is also considered if you mention it while booking a ticket.
  • Seat selections are made till the final check-in points at the airport desk.

How Do I Select My Seat On United After Booking?

United Airlines is a US-based airline that flies to many domestic and international destinations. It is a four-starred airline that is also a major American Airline. If you book with them, you can enjoy a comfortable trip. But for that, you also must have a seat of choice. But if you haven’t made the booking and you want to know How Do I Select my seat on United after booking, go through the steps as follows: 

  • Land at United Airlines’ official webpage. 

  • Then, from the manage booking option, retrieve your booking. 

  • On the booking page, tap on the select seat option. 

  • This will take you to the seat map. 

  • Choose a seat of preference and then make the payment if required. 

  • You shall receive an email to your registered email address with the seat details. 

If you have any other queries, you can get through the webpage or contact the airlines. 


To get a free seat on United Airlines, you must try to modify your tickets within 24 hours and then follow these significant steps:-

  • Through the web link, reach the website of United Airlines.
  • Click on the “My trips” tab and retrieve your ticket.
  • Choose the “select seat” icon and open a seating plan for the aircraft.
  • Pick the available one and proceed.
  • As your service is free, tap on the “continue” option.
  • Submit the tickets and receive a notification of selected seats from the airline.

Can You Pick Your Seat On United Basic Economy?

Yes, you can pick your seat on the United Basic Economy. In this, you can pick or change your seat assignment. When you book the flight under a basic economy ticket, you can buy the seat assignment during booking and up until the check-in opens. If you need more information about the question: Can you pick your seat on United Basic Economy, you must visit the official website and know the restrictions. 

How Much Is A Seat Assignment On United Basic Economy?

The seat assignment on United Basic Economy airline is $ 10 to $20, which is approximately charged. The charges also depend on the destination where the passengers are flying; sometimes, the charge is high or low. You can speak with the airline representative and get the required details to know more details. 

United Airlines Basic Economy Seat Assignment

The traveler travels on the basic economy and wants to know about the seat assignment. They can speak with the airline representative or visit the official website and get all the information as soon as possible. They can also read the information about the United Airlines Basic Economy Seat Assignment given below:

  • Passengers are assigned seats when check-in and the airline assign them to their families.

  • The primary economy tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable except according to the 24-hour flexible booking policy. The airline can’t be combined with any other fare type. If it is canceled or unused, they have no value. Passengers will eligible for partial travel credit if canceled before their departure. 

  • The seats are automatically assigned to the travelers before boarding and can’t be changed. Travelers traveling together, including families, will not be able to sit together. The advance seat assignments available for purchase during the booking and open until check-in opens.


Yes, you can choose the seats on United Basic Economy if you have purchased the advanced seat selection. If you do not purchase an advance seat, you won’t be able to change your seats once assigned. You can also select the seats during the check-in by using any method. 

Select the Seats to Online Method: 

If the passenger wants to select the seat after the booking, they can use the manage booking option. To select the seats after booking the trip, they must follow the instructions and add the seats: 

  • Open the official website of United Airlines. 

  • Click on my trip option. 

  • Enter your six-digit reservation code and other required details. 

  • Go to the seat option and select your seat. 

  • You must pay the charges if you select the seat after 24 hours of reservation.

  • Pay the charges through a debit or credit card or online app, and you will receive the confirmation on your registered email id and text. 

Select the Seats to Offline Method: 

If you require information about whether Can you choose seats on United Basic Economy, you can dial the official phone number of the airline. You can dial this official phone number of United airlines and pay attention to the IVR steps. Now, please speak with the representative and ask them to select the seats on your ticket. They will select your seat and provide you the confirmation on your registered email id and text on the phone number. 

What Is The Difference Between United Basic Economy And The Economy?

There are differences in checked baggage, seat assignment, and many more. Here is the difference you can read it: 

Basic Economy:

  • If you are traveling domestically, you are allowed to bring checked baggage, which costs $ 35. 

  • On the seat assignment, the airline will choose your seats. 

  • Travelers cannot upgrade their seats by using miles. 

  • The airline will not be allowed you to change the flight. 


  • Passengers have to pay the charges of $ 35 for bringing the checked luggage on their domestic flights. 

  • Travelers can choose the seat according to their preference without paying charges.

  • You can upgrade your seat and get more benefits from the elite. 

  • You can change the flight without paying penalty charges. 


The time is gone when people used to visit the airport counters to reserve seats. But new technology and the internet have helped us enough that we can make bookings from our couches with a cup of coffee in hand. You need to get through the airline’s website and will understand how many services are now available for the customers on the web. You can reach the United Airlines reservations facilities online; check the steps that should be followed in the mentioned way:-

  • Get on the airline’s webpage, “www.united.com,” and see the booking option.
  • Select the journey type ( one way, two way, or multi-city), choose departure and destination airports/ cities. 
  • Pick the dates, and check the number of passengers. 
  • Write the promo code if you have any, and Search for the flights.
  • Choose the flight which is preferred for you, then make payments.
  • Confirmation of your booking will be shared with you on your phone number or email.


After making the reservations, you would know about more facilities, i.e., United airlines seat selection; through this, you can choose your seat without visiting the airport desk. Know the steps to obtain this service:-

  • Visit the website of United Airlines and now click on the “My Trips” option.
  • Fill in the blanks with “Confirmation Number” and “Last name”. 
  • Search your ticket and see the editing options. 
  • Click on “select seat,” and your flight seating plan will open.
  • Pick the seat of your choice if available in the unreserved list. 
  • Make the payments and submit the ticket again.


United airlines work according to the traveler's best satisfaction. If you want to reserve flight seats, you can check their website and get all the top services. When you proceed to book the flight ticket, you have the facility to choose the travel seat and board the flight accordingly. For this, passengers ask how do I select my seat on united airlines after booking the flight seat. You can also select the seat after the reservation using the below steps:

  • Firstly, you can proceed to the official website of united airlines.
  • After that, you can tap on the manage your booking handle available on the website.
  • With this, you can get into the booking using the booking reference number and the passenger's last name. 
  • Once you tap on the retrieve button, you will see the details on the next screen.
  • At there, you can tap on the flight you want to choose the seat. 
  • You need to open the seat selection button from the drop-down list. 
  • On the new screen, you can select the seat from the seat map and make the payment, if any.
  • United airlines will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id.
  • Although, you can choose the seat at the time of flight check-in. 

Furthermore, you can communicate with United Airlines customer service and talk to the representative. You can ask them for the United Airlines seat booking and choose the preferred travel seat. They will help you get the best travel journey for your destination and talk to them in several ways. 


  • Sometimes, united airlines are unable to assign seats to you before the scheduled departure.
  • If they can't pre-assign the seats, you can get the preferred seat at the time of flight check-in or at the departure gate. 
  • If the price of the new travel seats is less or equal to the original purchase price, you will get a refund from united airlines. 
  • You can also select your preferred seat online from the seat map. They will allot you the best seat according to the travel class. 


Yes, but if you book your flight ticket on a standard economy, you can book the seats free of cost. You can select the seats within 24 hours of reservation without paying any charges. If you do not select your seat, the airline will assign you the seats according to availability. Every ticket has different terms and conditions. Please read it and book your seat according to that.


Many passengers wish to reserve their United Airlines seats before their journey, but one question: "What is the United airlines Seat selection policy" always remains in their minds. Customers must follow the airline seat selection policies mentioned below to get away from the doubt.


  • Customers can only select available seats.

  • If any passenger wishes to upgrade his seat, then they are required to pay the remaining amount.

  • If, due to a medical emergency, any passenger wishes to reserve seats near washrooms, then they need to provide medical documents.

  • If any passenger does not select a seat, then seats will be allotted by the airline.

Customers must obey the UNITED Airlines seat selection policy mentioned above & follow the following procedure to book their seats.


Customers who don't want to wait for the last moment to book a seat at the airport can use the steps mentioned below to reserve their seats online:

  • Initiate the process by visiting the official united airline website.

  • Now sign in to your existing account after choosing your language according to your country.

  • From the drop-down menu on the home page, select the option of "manage my trips."

  • To discover your reservation enter your flight confirmation number and last name and press the search button.

  • Once you find your ticket, click the option "select seat."

  • Once the seat map is generated, click on the desired option.

  • End the booking procedure by making a payment and hitting the confirmation button.

  • Soon you will receive a seat confirmation message on your registered number.

How Do I Know if My Seat Is Basic Economy United?

If the passenger wants to know about their seat on the airline, they can check it on their official email id and login into the app, or they can speak with the airline representative on the phone call option. 

Methods to check your flight ticket. 

  • Check your email. 

You can check your email as you received it from the airline representative. You have to open your email and type United airlines, and you will see the emails from the airline. When you open your flight ticket, you will see the option of the flight ticket and where it is written the basic economy word. Kindly check your registered official email id, which you are given at the time of booking. 

  • Speak with the airline representative.

If you forgot the ticket type and you want to know it. You can speak with the airline representative at this contact number: 1(800) 864-8331. Hear the IVR steps, reach out to the airline representative, and ask them to check your flight ticket type. You have to provide some required details to the representative. The representative will check their records, and they will tell you about your flight ticket.

  • Log in to the Airline. 

You can log in to the airline to check your flight ticket and see the details. If you want to know about this, you should follow the instructions after that you will be able to check your details as soon as possible. Here are the steps: 

  1. Open the official website of United Airlines. 

  2. Click on the Login option. 

  3. Provide the required details, and you will see your flight ticket details. 

How Do I Choose My Seat On United Airlines?

Thus, to choose the seats while checking in with United Airlines, must go through the steps.

  1. Open the United Airlines web page.

  2. Tap on the check-in section and enter the confirmation code and first and last name.

  3. Pawl on the tab of the check-in.

  4. After that, you must view all the reservation details

  5. Then, move to the seat map option, and tap on it.

  6. Afterward, choose the seats as per your choice and move to the payment section.

  7. Download the boarding pass, and pay the fee to the airline.

How do I check my seat assignment on United Airlines?

United Airlines is known to cover large domestic and international destinations all around the continents. It is a leading US-based air carrier and deems fliers comfortable with air journeys. The Airways offer seats to make flier air travel more convenient. But, many travelers do not have any idea about how do I check my seat assignment on United Airlines during flight services. They may check their assigned seat in the Airways via seat map during booking or after reservation but before the flight takes off from the scheduled time.

How do I check my seat on the United app?

Travelers with confirmed air tickets with United Airlines and can see their assigned seats on the app. Airways provide an option for seat selection or changes if fliers are uncomfortable with the assigned seats. Usually, the Airlines offer any random center if they skip seat selection during flight booking. Fliers must have the Airways official smartphone app to use it exactly. Also, they can stick with some relevant points to check the assigned seats.

  • Passengers can log in with their confidential email address and password on the American Airlines app.

  • They can click on "My Trip," which includes "Manage My Trip" options.

  • Fill in all necessary flight details, like the confirmation number and the flier's last name to retrieve the booking.

  • It will open flight status with an assigned seat at United Airlines.

  • They can open the seat map to analyze the exact seat status. 

  • If travelers want to change, they can go with the available seat selection from the map list and pay any applicable charges.

What is the phone number for a United Airlines seat assignment?

Fliers can prefer a telephonic communication medium to connect with agents and get instant flight seat status. They can call United Airlines' contact number at 1-800-UNITED-1/+1-800-864-8331 anytime because the agents will be present for 24 hours. The dedicated representatives will reply to them with their assigned seat details. On the traveler's request, executives will also change the preferred seats if they are available in limited quantity with or without additional costs, depending on terms and conditions for seat selection at United Airlines.

Do United Airlines allow travelers to chat for seat assignments?

Yes, United Airlines have chat support options for fliers to inquire about seats assigned for the trained executives. Online chat is another good option to connect with executives when travelers cannot communicate with them on call. Also, they can use some mentioned points very quickly.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website https://www.united.com/en/us/.

  • They can click on the help center, which includes chat services.

  • Fliers can open a live chat and start conversations with agents regarding seat assignments.

  • The trained representatives will reply to them about seat status and assist them regarding preferred seats if they want to change.

  • But, it may be possible for new seat selection from the available map list to include some additional costs.

Thus, if fliers skip the seat selection process during reservation, United Airlines offers any random seat. But, travelers can see the assigned seats from official websites or mobile apps. Also, passengers can modify their seats for a seamless flight experience.

How to book seats on United Airlines First Class?

The passenger can make a booking for First Class with United Airlines quite easily if they follow through the steps that have been provided here as follows:

  • Visit the official webpage of United Airlines.
  • Scroll on the landing page to find the Book icon at the top end to select it.
  • Go over all the drop-down options given under Book a Flight and click on Flights.
  • Enter all the necessary details as per the requirement and then choose the Flight Search tab.
  • The new page displayed would have the different flights with the airline with prices traveling to the preferred destinations.
  • Under the flights given, classes to travel would be given. 
  • The passenger can make a selection to proceed with finalizing the booking. 

Is United business class the same as First Class?

There is a marked difference in the Business Class and First Class booking offered to the passengers with United Airlines. The details and specifications for the same have been elaborately explained below:

Business Class Cabin:

The characteristic features of a business class cabin are:

  • Extra comfortable business class seats are offered with the provision of a headrest and a cushion that helps the passenger to relax with maximum reclination. 

  • The in-flight food menu option depends on the miles covered by the airline. Food is not served on short-haul flights, whereas on long-haul, the passenger would be served a hot meal and a dessert.

  • The passengers get to access the Business class lounge associated with the airline they are traveling for the short, quick nap, beverage choices, and the buffet option they need. 

First Class Cabin :

The unique travel experience with the first-class cabin is:

  • The seats on first-class cabins are extremely spacious, with legroom space and comfortable arm and headrests, allowing full relaxation of the passenger in the recliner seats. Additional space is provided to keep the items that passengers carry. 

  • The passengers get to enjoy the exquisite meals prepared for them, which includes the full meal with two entree choice along with premium snacking options. 

  • High-end lounge access is provided to the passengers with additional spa-like shower heads, a private buffet, and stay-bed utilities for the passenger. 

How much does United charge for first class?

The charge for flying with United Airlines first-class depends entirely on the destination to which the travel is made, along with the distance being covered on the course taken by the airline. Even so, the passenger can get charged anywhere between 500 USD to 900 USD based on the type of flight chosen.

Is first-class worth it United?

Yes, it is indeed worth every penny to travel on United Airlines first-class because it tends to provide the passengers with the best premium facilities. The cabin offers primate screening of various in-flight entertainment along with providing specially curated full-course meal plans to passengers. Priority check-in, complimentary luggage facilities, and rejuvenating lounges are available in the cabin. 

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