How Do I Find My United Airlines Reservation number?

How Do I find out what My United number is?

When you book a flight ticket for United airlines, then you will be sent a flight confirmation number on your registered email address or your mobile number. Many customers get confused with the flight numbers and United confirmation numbers. Both of these are different. Basically confirmation number is the alphanumeric code that validates the passenger’s booking and helps you with the check-in process. To obtain united airlines confirmation number check-in information, refer to the forthcoming section. 

You can locate the reservation number of United Airlines on your flight ticket. We all know the reservation number is known by different names such as reservation number, airline record locator, booking code, booking reference id, and flight confirmation code. If you have lost your flight ticket and wondering How do I find my United Airlines reservation number? Then keep on reading the information below-


  • The airline will display your flight confirmation number on the screen just after you have reserved a flight so you can note it down during that time.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email id with your ticket number.
  • You can log in to your account using your email address or username and enter your password. Now go to the My trips option to locate your previous booking. You can locate the united airline reservation number there.
  • You can locate the booking number in the mail just below the united airline logo and before your name.


The reservation number is generally six characters long, and it includes numbers and alphabets. This reservation number is very important to check your flight status, for modifications, and for the check-in process. You can connect with the live representative.

  • Dial the United Helpline number on your phone to speak with the live executive.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press 0 to connect with a agent.
  • After pressing the relevant key, wait for a bit.
  • Tell your problem and get a solution for it.


During your trip with United Airlines, there are endless queries and confusions that come into your mind and make you uneasy about your journey. These might be the reasons that you get worried about your further journey, and this happens because of a lack of knowledge. If you are dealing with questions like Is United confirmation number the same as flight number? Then it would help if you enlightened yourself on such matters. And gather as much knowledge about the Airline and your flight-related procedures as possible so that you could travel worry-free.

Confirmation number and the Flight Number:

No, the confirmation number and flight number are not the same. The confirmation number is the code that you receive during your ticket purchase on your registered email id or phone number, and you can access your flight details through this code. On the other hand, a flight number will be given on your ticket, which will help you with the check-in points and gates:

  • Visit the official website of United.

  • Go to “My Trips” on the top left side.

  • Fill in your confirmation number and last name.

  • Your ticket will be open, and the Flight number will be mentioned on it.


The passenger Name Record number is the code that contains all the personal and itinerary details of a passenger. It is a code language that Airlines use for the safety of their passengers. All the details of the passengers could be processed digitally through this code.

The above guide will enlighten you on the matters that should be in your knowledge. If you do not stay aware of the things related to your journey and flight, you might face a lot of problems and confusion. And above all, you will not have the knowledge to solve them either. For more information, contact the customer service of United Airlines.


When online bookings are made, you get an option to download the tickets, and these are called e-tickets. If you purchase tickets from the airport counter, then you are provided with a hard copy of the tickets. All the tickets are equipped with all of the information you submitted online or shared with the airport counter person. If you want to know How do I find my United airlines confirmation number? Then there are some steps through which you will get the knowledge of the location of your booking confirmation number and other details in your ticket as well as in the boarding pass. 


  • Download your booking from the airline’s website or receive it from the counter.

  • From the top, you can see the airline name and, just opposite it, the e-ticket number or confirmation number.

  • First, observe your name, age, or gender in the middle, along with the departure and destination location.

Boarding pass:- The boarding pass you receive at the airport at the check-in counter.

  • On this, the details are set in the columns.

  • Over the fine horizontal line, a departure and destination is printed.

  • Under the line, terminal details and flight numbers are present.

  • Below the line, the confirmation number is mentioned.


You have made your ticket booking with United airlines, and now you want to know about the flight status it is very useful as you can know about that and then you can leave your place accordingly, and for that, you have to know the process of checking your United airline's flight status by confirmation number that is given in this article 

Way to know your flight status

If you want to know the status of United airlines then you can make sure that you use the following steps for United confirmation check-in and get yourself checked

  • The very first step is to go to the website of the United airlines 

  • And after that, you click check flight status

  • Now you have to check your status using the route or flight number

  • If you have chosen a route, then you have to provide from and to 

  • Or if you have chosen the flight number, then you can check using it

  • Now you have to click on check status 

  • After that, you can see the status of your United airlines on the screen you can note that as well

This article explained all you needed to know about the flight status of United airlines, and it also gave some steps you can follow to check the status as well, and after that, you can see all the necessary statuses you want to know it is very useful as it will tell the departure timings as well as dates for your flight and you can then plan accordingly to leave your place

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