How do I manage my JetBlue flight booking?


There are many passengers who, after making a flight reservation, want to manage their booking. JetBlue enables customers to make amendments via the “manage booking” option. They search "How do I manage my JetBlue flight booking?"  By using this option, customers can discover their flight confirmation code, Cancel their reservation, They can change or reschedule their flight, make modifications to their names, you can add extra baggage, etc. 

To use this useful feature of the airline, customers are required to follow the below-mentioned online instructions sequentially:

  • To Initialize this process, customers must go to the official website.

  • Next, they must login and navigate to the “manage trip” section of the webpage.

  • Now from the available flight booking, you can select the desired option to make the required modifications.

  • If you wish, you can also enter the flight reservation number and the passenger's last name to discover the booking.

  • Now they must tap on the edit button and make the required changes.

  • Finally, they must review the changes, hit the confirmation checkbox, and save them.

  • Finally, your flight modification message will be sent to your registered phone number. 


If any customer wants to change his booking and he is in search of the answer, “How do I change JetBlue flight bookings?” Then he must follow the straightforward steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official JetBlue website.

  • Tap on the “manage trips” option from the top menu bar.

  • Login into your JetBlue account using your credentials.

  • To find your ticket, you must enter the flight confirmation code and passenger’s last name and press the continue button. 

  • Now you will see your booking. Click on the edit button followed by pressing “cancel reservation.”

  • To confirm your decision, enter the captcha code in the space provided and hit the checkbox.

  • Finally, JetBlue cancels your booking and sends you a flight cancellation message on your registered email. 

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