How Do I Find My JetBlue Confirmation Code?


You only need to go through the confirmation email you received to get the confirmation number. Then you’ll be able to find the resolution you want. It is a six-digit number. Once you open the ticket, it'll be straightforward for you to find it. Even if you don’t have the confirmation number, you can also find it out with the help of the ticket number. 

You’ll be getting the JetBlue confirmation code through text and email. 

Via text 

When you made the booking, you must have received a confirmation text. It would help if you located that text in your phone's inbox. Through that, you’ll be able to get the six-digit confirmation code. 

Via email 

  • You need to log in to your email address. 

  • Once logged in in the search bar, you must write “Jetblue Airlines.” 

  • Press the button search. 

  • Now you’ll come across the confirmation email. 

  • Once you have got it, you need to open it, and the confirmation email will be there waiting for you. 


To check the status, you need to ensure that you stick to the simple and easy steps which are provided below:

  • Get on the official website of JetBlue. 

  • Now you need to choose the option of “Manage Booking.” 

  • Once you have clicked the manage booking option, enter the ticket number and the passenger's name on the ticket. 

  • Click the option of search. 

  • You’ll see your booking.

  • Open the booking, and then you’ll see the status in the “Flight status” section.


To find the flight without the confirmation number, you need to ensure that you have walked through the easy and simple steps which are present there. 

  • Get on the official Jetblue website. 

  • Click the “Manage Booking” option. 

  • Write the ticket number and the name.

  • Now you press the button of search. 

  • Once you have selected it, then you’ll see the booking you have made. 

  • Open the booking, and then you can get the confirmation number. 


You can contact the customer service team to find your confirmation number. For that, you only need to phone up on the official number, and then you’ll be able to get help from the expert. 

  • You need to phone up Jetblue's number. 

  • Now you will come across the IVR menu. 

  • From the menu, you need to choose the option of cancellation. 

  • Now your call is going to be moved to the person who is trained to handle your issue. 

You only need to share the booking and personal details for verification. The representative will ensure that you get the right help without any delay. 


In case you have booked a flight at JetBlue Airways but have not received a confirmation email and are worried about How do I find my JetBlue flight without confirmation number? Then you must contact customer service and explain your case. Customer service will help you with the issue and check the status of your ticket. On booking confirmation, you can ask for the email from the representative.

Steps to Call JetBlue for Your Booked Flight Details:

  • Dial the number: 8004337300,

  • Connect with the representative,

  • Now explain your issue when you booked the flight ticket and platform but did not receive the confirmation email,

  • Tell the Transaction ID of the flight ticket’s payment

  • Mention your registered phone number, passenger’s last name, and flight’s route,

  • The representative will find your bookings and send the details by text or email, wherever you require.

If you are not reaching the customer representative, connect with them on live chat and ask about your booking from the live person.

Steps To Connect On Live Chat For Booking Details:

  • Go to the website of JetBlue,

  • Head to the contact page,

  • Use the live chat option to send your issue to a live representative,

  • Now explain your case and ask for the booking details,

  • The representative will require your registered number, the booking has done, and transaction id to retrieve the details of your flight,

  • The representative will send you the details on the live chat,

  • You may further request the confirmation email by providing your email id.

Time Taken By JetBlue To Send Booking Confirmation Email

If you wonders, How long does it take to get a JetBlue confirmation email? JetBlue takes 5 to 15 minutes to send the confirmation email after booking the flight ticket. You can receive the email directly from JetBlue only if you have booked the flight ticket online from their website or through their live agent.

Does JetBlue send confirmation email?

Yes, you get the confirmation email when you book your flight ticket with JetBlue. If you didn’t get any confirmation email on your email account, you can send a reminder email at check-in and make your flight journey perfectly convenient.

Get the way how you can find the confirmation code from JetBlue.

·You can find the confirmation message from the official booking website of JetBlue Airlines; go to the booking and enter the passenger's reference number and last name.

·Get the confirmation message on the JetBlue mobile application that you can use to find the confirmation code especially.

·You can also check the email account you registered at the time of booking and go to the PDF file and enter the ticket number to view your booking confirmation.

How long does JetBlue take to send confirmation email?

When you book your flight ticket within the short booking queue, sending you the confirmation email takes less than 5 minutes. But if your booking is made in a group and a number of passengers have booked their flight ticket, JetBlue sends you the confirmation email between 30 to one hour right after the booking.

For More info contact at 

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