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If you are planning to take a flight with Delta Airlines and have a limited budget, you want to pack your bags according so you don’t have to pay extra baggage fees to the airline. So before packing all the stuff, you must understand the airline baggage policy to resolve your query. Do you get 1 free checked bag with Delta? Then the answer is No. To know more about the airline baggage policy, keep on reading the information given below-

What Are The Timings Of The Delta Baggage Check-in Window?

The delta baggage check-in time starts 1 hour before the departure time. If you are traveling domestically, then you should reach the airport for baggage check-in 2 hours before.

What Is The Delta Airlines Check In Baggage Policy?

  • As per the airline baggage policy, the checked bag should be under 50 pounds or 23 kg, except if you have bought premium tickets.
  • The Delta check-in baggage cost will depend on the type of ticket fare the passenger had purchased. Their fare type will determine whether they will have to pay an extra baggage fee or not.
  • The airline allows passengers to take four checked bags by paying a small checked baggage fee.
  • If you have bought economy class tickets, then you can take baggage up to 70 pounds or 32 kg.
  • If you had bought a ticket for first class or business class, then the dimension of the allotted bag should be under 62 inches, meaning the Delta Airlines baggage size has to be 158 cm.
  • As per the Delta Airlines baggage policy, there is no luggage permitted for infants; only a regular amount of baby food and diapers you can take in carry-on luggage.
  • If you have bought a ticket for passengers aged between 2-11 years, then he/she can take 10 kg or 45 inches of the bag with them.
  • Passengers can take their musical instrument with them for free as carry-on luggage if it fits in the overhead bin. The musical instrument is fragile and cannot be passed as a checked bag, or if it is big that it cannot be stored in the flight overhead big, then you will be asked to buy a flight ticket for it and put it next to you.
  • You can take your pets as checked baggage, and for that, the fee can range from 20 USD to 200 USD, excluding Brazil, where it’s only 75 USD.

Can I Take Two Checked Bags With Delta Airlines For Free?

If you want to know, Does Delta allow 2 free checked bags? Then the answer is No, as the airline allows you to take one carry-on baggage and one personal item absolutely free. And if you want to take any checked bags, then you will be asked to pay the application fee depending on your fare type and destination.

Also, if you belong to a special category of passengers, then the restrictions will not be applicable to you. Such as-

  • If you have a membership or if you have bought Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Business Class, and Delta First Passengers, then you can take the checked bags for free.
  • If you are a U.S Military member and traveling on the orders of the government.
  • If you are a Sky Miles Platinum, Silver, Diamond, and Gold Member. 

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