How Much Does Delta Charge For International Baggage


As you plan to travel, it is understood that you will carry your stuff and other essential things with you. Delta allows passengers to carry luggage to a certain amount free of cost. If you cross the limit, they will apply charges for the excess weight or increase in the number of bags. If you have your trip due and want to learn: how much does Delta charge for international baggage and the rest of the baggage-related queries, you will get the information here.


For overweight luggage, the limit is as follows:

  • If you are traveling between the US and Canada, and your luggage weighs between 51 lbs to 70 lbs, you must pay 100 USD to carry it on your flight.

  • For flights between North, South, Central America, and Europe or North Africa, flights between 100 and 120 USD are applied if the luggage weighs between 51 lbs and 70 lbs. 71 lbs to 100 lbs have to pay 200 USD.

  • If your flight is from Mexico, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and everywhere, you must pay 100 USD if your bag is under 71 lbs.

  • Between San Pedro Sula and North America, you must pay 150 USD.

  • For travelers between Asia and Everywhere, luggage weighing 51 lbs to 70 lbs is charged 100 USD. 

  • For other international destinations, you must pay 100 USD for luggage between 51 to 70 lbs. A charge of 200 USD is applied for luggage for baggage between 71 lbs and 100 lbs.

  • Beyond 100 lbs, no luggage is permitted.


  • If the size of the bag is between 163 to 203 cm, an amount between 150 to 300 USD is applied. The exact amount depends on your departing and arriving destination.

  • Beyond 203 cm in size, no bag is allowed for transportation.

How Much Does Delta Charge For A Second Checked Bag?

It is a known fact that Delta Airlines charges passengers for their baggage. If you carry two pieces of baggage, the second one may cost up to 40 USD. However, it must not exceed 23 kg( 50 lbs) in weight.

How Much Do Extra Bags Cost On Delta?

If you are traveling on a Delta flight and there is a chance that the baggage you are carrying for the journey may exceed the prescribed maximum limit of Delta Airlines, In that case, you must be aware of How much do extra bags cost on Delta so that you can carry the extra cash to pay the charges.

Extra Baggage charges:

For a third piece of Baggage: 150 USD

For 4 - 10 pieces of baggage: 200 USD

For overweight bags: 100 USD - 200 USD, depending on the extra weight of the baggage.

It is important to mention that Delta airlines will not allow baggage weighing more than 45.36 kg or 100 lbs.


On international flights, Delta allows passengers to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item for free. They are strict with the bag size and weight. One thing may include a purse, laptop bag, or another similar item with an almost identical size that may fit underneath the seat. Except for a few locations in China and Singapore, no weight limit is applied to carry-ons.


  • Delta or Delta shutter allows you to carry up to 10 checked bags per person on international flights.
  • For Delta connection carrier flights, passengers can carry up to 4 checked bags.
  • In certain circumstances, they can limit the checked bags to 2 per person.

How Do I Add An Extra Bag To My Delta Flight?

If you are traveling on a Delta flight with extra baggage, try the methods described below to add the extra baggage:

On the Delta website.: Suppose you have chosen the online mode to check in for the scheduled Delta flight. When going through the online check-in process on, notify the extra baggage you are carrying with the other information about the weight and dimension of the extra baggage. Lastly, pay the extra baggage charges that are applicable as per the Delta airlines baggage policy and drop them off at the baggage area in the airport.

At airport: On arriving at the airport, you can go to a Delta Airlines desk and inform them regarding the extra baggage carried by you. If the excess baggage is within the given limits, you will have to pay the appropriate charges before the final check-in is done and the boarding pass is issued.

On the delta fly app: you can check in the extra baggage from the Delta airline app on your phone. Just sign in to the Delta app with the email and add the extra baggage to your ticket and pay the charges accordingly.

You can also request to check in your luggage on Delta Airlines through a call to the customer service number immediately after the booking is confirmed.

How Do I Get 2 Free Bags on Delta?

Read the following list if you wish to carry 2 free bags on Delta Airlines:

  • If you have the membership of Silver Medallion or Elite or Elite plus two baggages can be taken for free.
  • It also depends on the fare type on Delta Airlines to get a waiver on the baggage fees for up to two pieces of baggage.
  • If you are traveling on first class or Delta one fare, you can carry two baggages without charges.
  • If you are a Sky Medallion member and have an American Express card, you can carry the baggage within 32 kg for free.

Hence, to understand the excess baggage fees, baggage check-in process, and other information, you can read the above description or contact Delta Airlines customer service for assistance.

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