When Can I Choose My Seat On JetBlue?

jetblue seat selection

JetBlue airlines provide multiple services across many countries, and is quite famous for its different flexible services, for example, its easy booking and canceling the policy, pet policy, and multiple other services, and if you have booked a ticket already and wondering when can I choose my seat on JetBlue, or any further doubts the following answers to your queries, will leave you at no confusion:

If you are traveling with JetBlue and want to choose seats as per your choice, you can choose your preferred seats. JetBlue has a clear and specific seat selection policy on its official website. JetBlue opens up the seat map 24 hours before the flight for the passengers to select their preferred seats. So if you wish to know that When Can I Choose My Seat On JetBlue, You definitely can do so.

To Choose Seats On JetBlue, You Can Choose Any of The Ways Given Below:

Online: online seat selection can be done 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure while doing the check-ins or anytime after that till the boarding.JetBlue offers passengers the to choose a seat for their convenience. Seat selection can be made by following the below method:

  • Go to the official website of JetBlue
  • Click on manage my trip
  • Enter your last name, reference number
  • Select the seat selection from the drop-down list 
  •  Choose your preferred seat
  • Get confirmation from the seat selected

At the counter: you can request your preferred seats at the airline's counter while doing the flight check-in at the airport. If you hold a business class ticket, you do not have to pay any charges, but passengers with other class tickets may have to pay charges if they wish they choose to travel in any other class. The confirmation of your selected seats will be subject to the availability of seats. 

Through call: you can call customer service on the number mentioned on the official website of JetBlue and talk to a person from customer service requesting to book a particular seat of your choice.

Through kiosks: when you reach the airport and do your check-in at the airline's kiosk, you can select your seats too.

When can I select seats on JetBlue? 

Many people wonder when they can JetBlue choose seats. This helps them pick their preferred seats on time because if you do not do so within a certain time frame, you may get assigned a seat by the airline or have to pay something to choose a seat. However, look at the points;

  • Mosaic 1 travelers can opt for Even More Space or Core seats without any cost within 24 hours of departure. 
  • Mosaic 2 travelers or above can prefer their seats at or after their reservation without any cost. 
  • For any other information, approach the assistance team on a phone call. 

What are JetBlue preferred seats? 

When you select the Core seat based on your preference within 24 hours of the booking (prior to 29 January 2024), they are often referred to as JetBlue's preferred seats. However, You may get an additional charge of around $49 for these "Core preferred seats.

How to get free seat upgrade on JetBlue? 

There are different ways to get free seat upgrades on JetBlue, and to know about the same, you are requested to take note of the following points;

  • Apply Miles--- If you have the miles, you can apply them to upgrade your seat on JetBlue. To know how many miles you must upgrade, visit the official webpage or call JetBlue's agent. 
  • Last Minute deals--- You may get last-minute deals at check-in, through which you may incur a small fee for the airline to upgrade your seat. 
  • Request the agent--- If you find any seats unfilled, you can simply ask the agent to allow you to have a seat in another class; sometimes, this would work. 
  • Join an elite club--- If you join any membership or a program on JetBlue, you may get offers to upgrade your seat at no cost. 
  • Within 24 hours--- You must keep in mind that if you upgrade your seat within 24 hours of the booking, you may not have to incur any additional cost to JetBlue. 

Does JetBlue seat children with parents? 

If you are traveling with kids, you must not want not be wanting to get seated separated. Thus, if the bookings are done together, JetBlue will assign you seats. However, if you are seated separately, you can request the agent to assign the seats together before approaching the airport. 


If you are traveling in JetBlue and you have to select your seat on the airline, you don’t know how to select the seats. You can use the online or offline mode for selecting the seats. You can follow the process below if you don’t know how to use the online or offline method. 

The Process to Select Seat on JetBlue.

  1. Online Method.

You can use the online method for selecting the seats at the airline. When you have a question: How do I select my seat on JetBlue, you can use the online method and follow the instructions. Here are some:

  • Open the official website of JetBlue. 

  • Click on the manage booking. 

  • Type your six-digit confirmation code and other required details. 

  • Click on the seat option. 

  • Select the seat according to your preference. 

  • If you select the seat after 24 hours, you must pay the charges. 

  • You can use the online app or the net banking option for the payment. 

  • Jetblue will provide you a confirmation to your registered email and the text on the contact number.  


If you have purchased a Basic blue ticket, you will not be eligible to select a seat of your choice. It is the cheapest fare ticket available on JetBlue. The passengers of the basic blue class cannot view the seat map of the flight because they are already sold out.

What Happens When You Don't Select Seats On JetBlue?

If you don't select a seat on JetBlue, you will be automatically assigned a seat by the airline after you have completed your check-in procedure.


  • You can select your preferred seat while booking the tickets with the extra charges for the particular seats.
  • You can select the seat on a JetBlue flight prior to 24 hours before the flight's departure after paying the charges for the preferred seat from the seat map available on the official; website.
  • If you are holding a premium or business class ticket, you can select the seat for free. 
  • If you want to choose a seat from another travel class, you will have to pay the difference in the fares.
  • If you choose seats with extra leg space, you will have to pay for those particular seats.
  • All the above-mentioned seat selection privileges will be subject to the terms and conditions of JetBlue's seat selection policy and the availability of seats on the flight.


Jetblue has one of the best comfort and entertainment systems for customers. Ensure that you have got your desired seat. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your journey as per your plan. There are two ways to make the selection of your preferred seat. One is while making the reservation, and the other is through the “Manage Booking” option, in case you want to make the selections later. Awareness of the seat selection procedure and even the seat selection policy is essential. So, if you want to ask, “How much is it to choose your seat on JetBlue?” Then the answer is yes. You need to pay for the seat you select. It will only cost you $5 to $25 each way to make the seat selection.


To make the seat change, you need to select the path ahead. Then making the seat shift is going to be a cakewalk for you. You only need to spend $25 on it. 

While making the reservation. 

  • Open the Delta Airlines website. 

  • Now click the “My Booking” option.

  • Enter the travel details like the destination, dates, etc. 

  • Press search. 

  • You’ll come across the list of flights. 

  • Choose your flight, and then you can select the seat. 

  • Soon, you’ll receive a confirmation email. 

During the time of check-in. 

When check-in, you can choose the seat from the left-out seat. You can do that online or at the airport. Your seat no. is going to be there at the airport. 

Soon, you’ll be enjoying your journey. 

JetBlue Seat Selection Cost

If you want to make sure that you select a seat, then you have to know that you have to pay JetBlue fees of $5 to $25 per ticket as JetBlue seat selection costs to them

After reading this article on JetBlue you got to know about the ways to get your seat selected on the airlines, and also you got to know about the cost of the seat selection of your preferred choice 

How To Choose A Seat On JetBlue 

If you want to make seat selection using the JetBlue, and want to know about seat selection and are looking for how to choose a seat on JetBlue then you can use the website of the airline, then after you pay the cost of your preferred seat, your seat is now selected with the airline, and after that, you can reach the airport to complete all the process and then get your seat. 

Selection of seat 

 Using website

If you want to select your seat, then you have to make sure to follow some of the steps that are given it is possible to make a seat selection and get your boarding pass for that 

  • You have to go to the website of JetBlue
  • Now you have reached the website you are looking for, manage my booking
  • You have to give your PNR and last name
  • Finally, you will see your booking, and you have to select change 
  • Now you have to change your seats and select the available ones 
  • After that, you have to confirm that, and you will get a notification on your email for the changing seats 


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