What is The Best Day of The Week to Book A Southwest Flight?

What Is The Cheapest Day To Book A Flight On Southwest?

The person who wishes to purchase a flight ticket with Southwest Airlines and has a low budget can consider some points to get cheap deals. Do you know what is the cheapest day to book a flight on Southwest? The days between Monday to Thursday are considered to be cheaper. These days mostly, Southwest tickets are put on sale for different locations, and on the weekends, flight fares are increased. 

What is the best day to buy Southwest Airline tickets?

Tuesday is considered as the best to buy Southwest Airlines tickets. If you choose to book your flight on Tuesday rather than other days of the week, you might be able to save some extra amount on the flight ticket. 

What time do Southwest flights go on sale?

Generally, Southwest Airlines flight tickets go on sale on Tuesdays, so on this particular day, you can find cheap deals for the bookings. You can take benefit of the sale by booking your flight tickets directly from the Southwest Airlines official site. 

Do Southwest prices go down on Tuesday?

Yes, the Southwest prices go down nearly every Tuesday for major flight routes. That's why a number of travelers choose to make bookings of their flight tickets on Tuesdays. There are some more ways that can help you to get great deals at a low price, and you can fly to your preferred destination within your budget.

Additional Ways to Get Cheap Flights with Southwest Airlines 

You can adhere to some ways that are highly advisable for getting cheap flights with Southwest Airlines. Those additional ways are listed down, and you can use them at your convenience to get a flight ticket at a low price:

  • Book Flight in Advance: If you choose to book your flight in advance, then you can secure yourself a very nice deal at Southwest. The fares of the flight ticket rise as the days pass by, so if you book the tickets a few months in advance, you will get a low fare. 

  • Avoid Weekend or Holiday Flights: Southwest flights that are scheduled on the weekends or on holidays, there is a high chance that the fares will be higher than normal. So to avoid paying extra, make sure to buy flight tickets on the weekdays. 

  • Incognito Mode: You can also try to make the bookings through the Incognito mode. When a person searches for a flight ticket in this mode, the result that appears is not affected by the previous searches, and you receive low fares. 

  • Contact Customer Service: You can reach Southwest customer service to get a flight ticket at a low price. So call the airlines and talk with the agent for the best deals. 

  • Reserve Early Morning Flights: You can also choose to book an early morning flight to get a low fare to your desired location at Southwest. The fares of early flights are comparatively low. 

  • Be flexible with dates: If you do not have a particular date on your mind for flying, then you can search for the flights and choose the cheapest option to book the tickets. Being flexible dates provides wide flight options to book from, and you can get the cheapest deal.

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