How Early Can You Check In Bags for a Flight United ?


United Airlines confirms your booking right after making the competition for payment online and send you the message of booking. You are responsible for everything; subsequently, you get a prove of a confirmed flight ticket and ensure you will also have proof of a negative COVID-19 test that should be no more than one day before departure. You must be more cautious during a flight check-in and adhere to the rules, terms, and check-in policies that you must read appropriately. If you wish to know what is United Airlines check in policy and are curious to learn more about it, you will go through the queries provided by the customer representative team. Here, express your sincere desire and check with the check-in policy and its process to complete the task ingeniously.  

What are the rules for checked bags on United? 

United Airlines is very strict with its baggage policy and might even charge you some extra fee if your bag is not within the provided limit. Any passenger who has an upcoming flight with the airline and wants to know about the airline's rules regarding checked baggage can read the policy. There are three ways available to fit your baggage with the airline, including online mode, a self-kiosk device, or visiting the United Airlines check-in counter at the airport. If you still have any questions or need help regarding something, then get in touch with customer service, as they are ready 24/7 to assist you.

What Is The United Airlines Check In Time For International Flights?

United airlines allow you to fly with both domestic and international flight. In addition, if you are going to fly an international flight, before this, it is necessary to complete the check-in. For this reason, you look for United Airlines check-in time for international flights. So, you can do it 1 hour or 60 minutes of departing time. 

United Airlines checked baggage policy:

  • No passenger is allowed to carry a baggage with a dimension limit of more than (76 cm X 52 cm X 30 cm).
  • The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage depends upon the Mileage plus status and travel class.
  • Passengers can add an extra checked bag to their ticket by paying the relevant charges.
  • If your baggage is oversized or overweight, the airline will not allow it.
  • The airline does not accept bags weighing more than 45 kg except for some musical instruments and devices.
  • Carry-on baggage exceeding the weight or the dimension limit will be considered checked luggage.
  • To learn the correct fee amount for your baggage, use the baggage fee calculator on the official website.


  • ·United Airlines provides you with web check-in within 24 hours to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • ·When you wish to complete your check-in using mobile check-in, it may take early hours around 48 hours to 1 hour before boarding the flight.
  • ·It is advised that when you arrive at the airport for the check-in, you are allowed to start the check-in process within at least 2 hours before a domestic and at least 3 hours before an International flight you have booked.
  • ·You can add and remove your baggage, choose your favorite seat and ensure you can manage booking at a limited check-in time.
  • ·United offers you free checked bags for all first, Business, and Economy class customers regardless of whether any final destination is required to visit.
  • This, way you can start the check-in process online after compr0hending the check-in policy and make your flight journey more convenient at every time.

How much does checking a bag on United at the Airport cost?

While verifying the baggage weight at the airport, there are always a few passengers who want to carry extra baggage with their flight. However, you must pay extra charges to check the bag at the airport. If you complete the baggage check-in process online, you might have to pay fewer charges, saving you a lot of time. Read the given information to know about the cost of checking the baggage at the airport:

  • First baggage - $40
  • Second Baggage - 50
  • Third baggage - $150 


It has been recommended that when you go for the check-in process, you must have a suitable time 24 hours before your scheduled departure. It always requires the best timing for check-in, baggage check, and boarding that you can find before your flight departure and get the complete check-in facility at your required time without facing any frustrating situation at the time of the flight journey.

Hopefully, you will start the check-in process without facing any trouble when you get a confirmed flight booking message on your phone. Even so, if you need any help during check-in and boarding, you can share your queries to suitably get the answer at the right time. 

Can I check my Bags online with United Airlines?

Passengers can also check their bags online with United Airlines via the web check-in option available on their official webpage and the mobile app. Mention the information and provide the details of the baggage. The airline will immediately provide you with the boarding pass and verify the baggage once at the airport before boarding the flight. Go through the given instructions to learn about the proof check the bag online:

  • Open the official website of United Airlines or the mobile application.
  • Go to the "Check-in" section.
  • Write down the e-ticket number and last name.
  • Then, you must provide the required details and select the preferred seat based on availability.
  • Fill out the baggage information and pay if there are any charges.
  • After that, download the boarding pass to your flight.

How many bags does United Airlines allow for free?

The airline free allows one carry-on bag and one personal item per person free. The free baggage that United Airlines provides passengers depends on their ticket fare or frequent flyer status. Premium Economy ticket holders can take one free checked baggage with a maximum weight limit of 23kg and one carry-on bag. At the same time, the business and first-class passengers can carry up to two checked baggage weighing 32 kg for free.



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