Spirit Airlines Baggage Check in

How Early Do You Have To Check In With Spirit?

Are you excited to travel with Spirit Airlines, and everything is packed and ready? Well, you might now be thinking about the spirit check-in time to make your journey with spirit airlines smooth. If you like to know more about the check-in process and the timing, go through the below points and passages or you can also contact customer service.

How Early Can You Check in Bags For Spirit

Self check-in:

If you have to check in at the Airport and you have checked baggage, then you can use the self check-in machine at the Airport. You can go through the below points.

  • You need to look for the Kiosk at the Airport.

  • You need to enter the reservation code and your last name.

  • Select the seat which is available and then click the next option.

  • You need to add your baggage.

  • Lastly, print your flight pass and the bag tags from the kiosk machine.

If you do not have checked baggage and you have already checked in using the web check-in option, you can directly go to the security check-in process since you already have your e-pass, and there is no need for a paper flight pass.

At the Airport:

You can check in your bags at the counter. Arrive 2 to 3 hours before your flight departure and directly go to the counter to check in your bags. You can also select your seats at the time of your bag check-in.

How Long Before A Spirit Flight Can You Check in?

It is always recommended to be at the Airport 2 hours before your domestic flight departure and 3 hours before your international flight departure. Since the security check-in might take so long and if it is peak hours, it might take so long hence it is best to arrive early at the Airport. 

There are various types of check-in as well. Go through the below methods to know more about the check in process.

Web check in:

The web check in is opened 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure. You can use the below points as a reference to know how you can use the web check in option.

  • Go to the official page of Spirit Airlines.

  • Then click on the check in option, which is available on the dashboard.

  • On the check in page, you need to enter the confirmation code and your last name and click on the check-in option.

  • Select the available seats and click next.

  • You will receive your flight pass to your mobile number or your email id.

Mobile check-in:

Mobile check-in is as similar to the web check in process. You need to go to the official page of Spirit Airlines. Click on the check in option and follow the process displayed on the screen. Once the successful of check in, you will receive your boarding pass to your email address or your registered email address.

How Much Does It Cost To Check A Bag With Spirit?

The cost of the checked baggage may be anywhere between $20 to $35. Make sure to check with the customer service member or online about the cost to avoid any inconvenience at the departure of your Spirit Airlines Flight.

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