Can you upgrade on Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc upgrade

Yes, the passenger can do the Royal Air Maroc upgrade using the miles offered by the airline, under which they get to make an upgrade as per their choice. The passenger thus gets provided with the option to make seat upgrades and class upgrades with the airline along with the scope to purchase excess baggage allowance being offered as part of the travel with Royal Air Maroc. 

When can you upgrade on Royal Air Maroc?

The passenger is entitled to make an upgrade with the airline well in advance as soon as they make a reservation for the travel plan made. Indeed, the Royal Air Maroc last-minute upgrade is possible with the airline with the upgrade window being open 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. This upgrade allows the passenger to get all the benefits of and enjoy the benefits of the Business Class with the airline. An important factor of upgrading with the airline is that it depends on the availability of the seats with the airline. 

How to get a free upgrade on Royal Air Maroc?

All the Safar Flyer Platinum cardholders with Royal Air Maroc are entitled to a free upgrade with the airline, which can be redeemed by the passenger by sending an email to It can also be done through selection under the Apply An Award through the online portal for the passenger. All the requests for reminders on free upgrades need to be done atleast 72 working hours before the scheduled trip that needs to be taken. 

What are the specifications prevailing for a free upgrade with Royal Air Maroc?

There are certain pointers that the passenger needs to keep in mind while requesting a free upgrade with Royal Air Maroc, which is discussed below for a better understanding of the passenger:

  • It is valid for one economy class ticket for a one-way trip that has been paid for.
  • In case the passenger makes a cancellation, they will not be able to make a return of the upgrade voucher used.
  • The upgrade includes delivery of the baggage of the passenger on a priority basis. 
  • The passenger cannot combine the upgrade made available to them with the award ticket received. 
  • The upgrade is valid for 12 months after issuance with the scope of easy transfer to family and friends. 
  • Based on the availability, the upgrade can be made use of once per flight. 
  • The passengers can utilize the upgrades with the airline being operated and marketed by Royal Air Maroc. 

Elaborate on the Royal Air Maroc Seat Upgrade Policy

  • The passenger needs to adhere to the Royal Air Maroc seat upgrade policy in case they would like to opt for the same:
  • The passenger who would like to make a seat upgrade with the airline should have made a booking with the airline by purchasing an Economy Class ticket. 
  • Seat upgrade with the airline is subject to the availability of the preferred seats as per the passenger's choice. 
  • Royal Air Maroc allows the passenger to make an upgrade of the seats at an additional cost charged as per the seat selected by the passenger. 
  • Infants under 2 years of age are not entitled to the miles upgrade and subsequent seat upgrades possible. 

Does Royal Air Maroc have business class?

Yes, the airline indeed has business class seating for the passengers who would like to travel with the airline. Royal Air Maroc indeed offers the best of pre-eminent facilities and amenities to the passengers who choose to fly with the airline sitting in this class. The various characteristic features of the Business Class with Royal Air Maroc are:

  • Spacious luxury seating for the passenger with enough legroom to relax and rejuvenate during the entire trip on both short and long-haul flights. The reclination of the seats with a private setting allows the passenger to have a seamless travel experience. 
  • Fine dining experience with complimentary wine as part of the warm welcome given. The specially chosen delicacies boasting of the Moroccan culinary culture served to the passengers as part of the elaborate meal course served to them.
  • Divergent on-flight entertainment options are offered to the passengers, with an array of movies, shows, and music to choose from, which is sure to make the experience of the flight worthwhile. Additional amenities also get provided as per the need. 
  • Hot beverages and snacks are served to the passengers as per the requisite made in addition to the scrumptious meal and drink options that are provided to them as part of the flight journey. 

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