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How Do I file a Complaint with Qantas?

Qantas is the biggest and best airline service provider in Australia. They are preferred by travelers worldwide to fly with due to their top-grade customer services and heartwarming hospitality. They also provide timely scheduled flights to popular travel destinations around the globe. But, issues are inexorable during a flight journey. That’s why Qantas offers several ways to file a complaint for the inconvenience faced by passengers. Their professional customer service team walks the extra mile to resolve customer complaints satisfactorily. In case you want to file a complaint at Qantas, you can do it in the following ways.

Via Complaint Form:

The Complaint Form helps provide a quick and courteous resolution to customer complaints. The Form is available on the Contact Us page of their website. You can utilize it by replicating the steps described below.

  • To start with, open the website
  • Reach the Contact Us page through the Help section of the website.
  • Now you are required to click the link under the Complaints, Compliments, and Claims section to select the type of Complaint you want to register from the ones given on the screen.
  • A Complaint Form will open up; fill it in with the details like name, email, phone, booking reference, the problem faced, etc.
  • Submit it, and a representative at Qantas will contact you within 24 hours of submission.

Via Call:

  • You have also got the option to register a complaint at Qantas Airways by calling the Qantas complaints phone number at  +1-802-800-2746/ 1-800-227-4500 for queries related to booking/cancellation, delayed/damaged baggage, canceled flights, etc. You can file a complaint over call in the manner stated below.
  • Dial the given number and pick a language you prefer for communication to move ahead.
  • Now you will get to listen to the IVR instructions and follow them carefully to choose the option for which you want to file a complaint by pressing the appropriate key.
  • They will forward your call to a dedicated representative, and you can share your issue with them. The representative will verify your details and escalate your problem instantly.

Via Email:

Email is another possibility that enables you to register a complaint at Qantas Airways but for the issues related to their Frequent Flyer program. If you cannot redeem your Reward points or have problems with missing miles, then you can use the  Qantas complaints email address at to raise a complaint. Email your query to the given address, and they will reply within a maximum period of 24 hours to help you.

Does Qantas Have To Give A Refund?

Yes, Qantas must give a refund for the canceled flights. Therefore, if you want to know about when the airlines will proffer your payback, you must read the Qantas refund policy promptly. So, there you will see about the vital points of the policy, go through it.

Full refund:

  • Canceling the Qantas ticket within 24 hours of reservation permits you to take the full refund from the airline.

  • If you have a Oneworld or Frequent flyer membership, the airline proffers a full refund to you.

  • Due to some medical emergency, court summons, marriage, police notice, someone's death, or more reasons, allow the proper refund from Qantas Airlines.

  • Also, if the flight is delayed from 3 to 4 hours of flight time, you can easily request a refund.

  • The refund will be credited in the original form of the payment method when you have the refundable ticket.

Partial refund: 

  • The partial refund will be accessible when the flight is canceled after 24 hours of booking.

  • Also, if the airline cancels the flight due to some disaster phenomenon, climate change, or any guidelines, you will get a partial refund for the unused ticket.

  • After making changes to the Qantas ticket, you can easily request a refund if you cancel the itinerary receipt, but with the money back, you will get it partially.

  • In addition, you can acquire some payback for your ticket when you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of flying the flight. 

  • Also, you don’t get a full refund when you have the flexible fare ticket and you make a cancellation in it. 

After getting the information and policy of taking a refund from the airlines, you can easily take the reimbursement from Qantas.

How Long Does Qantas Take To Respond To Complaints?

After submitting the Qantas Airlines complaint, you look for how long it will take time to answer you. So, the airline will answer your complaint within 15 working days. 

How Do I Request A Refund From Qantas?

For a canceled flight, if you want to take your money back for that, you find ways to request it. So, there are some ways by which you can readily request the payback. For that, you go through the below steps points.

Refund request via the website-

  1. Launch the Qantas Airlines official page.

  2. Pawl on the “My Trip” and mention the details of your last name and PNR or ticket number.

  3. View your booking, and continue it.

  4. Select the cancel button and make an appropriate cancellation with Qantas Airlines.

  5. Under the cancel tab, look for the refund option.

  6. Open it, and mention all the requisite details in the refund request form

  7. And submit the form to the airlines.

Refund request through a call-

Also, you can request a refund through a phone call. For that, you must dial 1 (800) 227-4500. After connecting the call with the Qantas Airlines person, request a refund. Share all the details with the agent by talking with them. 

Afterward, you will attain the confirmation on your email address with the refund tracking status. And further, you can retrieve your payback within 10 to 14 days.

What are the common reasons to file a complaint at Qantas?

There are several issues that are encountered by the frequent fliers at Qantas Airways for which they can file a complaint. Some of those are mentioned in the section below.

Delayed Flights: Delayed flights are a common thing to happen that may be due to several reasons such as bad weather, insufficient staff to operate, a mechanical problem in the aircraft, etc. You can file a complaint for the inconveniences faced by you due to a delayed flight.
Additional Services: You can also raise a complaint if you were not provided with the services you added to your flight at Qantas Airways.
Delayed/ Damaged baggage: It is also a common reason to register a complaint with Qantas Airways if they mishandle your luggage.
Special Assistance: Another possibility is to file a complaint if you were not provided the wheelchair assistance you requested for Qantas Airways.

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