How to get upgrade on Lufthansa?

How to get a seat upgrade on Lufthansa?

Many times due to seat unavailability in desired traveling class, passengers make reservations in the Economy traveling class. Many times ticket holders cancel their bookings that vacant seats in higher classes; in that case, customers can upgrade their seats. If, after reserving your seat on Lufthansa, you come across an available option in another traveling class and you desire to upgrade to that option, then you are eligible for the same. 

Lufthansa seat upgrade policies:

  • Travelers can only upgrade seats if the desired option is available.

  • Lufthansa Seat upgrade actions are only possible for higher classes. Travelers must make additional payments to select their seats.

  • If any passenger wants to upgrade his seat due to medical reasons like extra legroom or recliner seats, then they must pay additional fares. 

  • Travelers can either make fixed payments for seat upgrades, make a bid, or they can use their already existing miles point to request Lufthansa seat upgrades. 

The online process to upgrade seats on Lufthansa: 

Lufthansa Airlines enables travelers to upgrade their seats by paying fixed fares. To use this option, customers must obey the instructions given below:

  • Visit the website of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Passengers must navigate to the login section.

  • To proceed further, they must enter their travel id and password and continue.

  • Next, they are expected to navigate to “view and manage” flight options.

  • Once customers find their travel itineraries, they must tap on the “Book/upgrade at fixed price” option.

  • They will be displayed all the seat options available in the selected traveling class.

  • From the seat map, customers must select their desired option, make the payment and save the changes.

  • Finally, a Lufthansa Seat upgrade notification will be sent to the customers. 

How does Lufthansa bid for upgrade work?

Lufthansa also allows customers to upgrade their traveling class by making a bid. Customers can upgrade their already existing seats by submitting an offer using the following online steps:

  • Go to

  • Navigate to “My bookings.”

  • Enter booking details to find your ticket.

  • If an upgrade is possible, you must submit your bid and fill in payment details.

  • Review and confirm your decision.

  • Finally, the bid receipt will be sent to your email. 

  • If your offer is confirmed by Lufthansa, your credit card will be charged accordingly. 

Can you upgrade from Economy to business class on Lufthansa?

Yes, ticket-holders can upgrade from economy class to premium Economy or Business class. For all the updates, customers are liable to make seat upgradation charges. And they can only upgrade their seats in Business class if the seats are available. 

Is it worth it to upgrade to premium Economy on Lufthansa?

Yes, it is totally worth it to upgrade to Lufthansa premium economy if passengers are traveling on long-haul flights. Those customers who request the same are entitled to some or all the following benefits:

  • They will get more comfortable and spacious seats on upgraded traveling classes.

  • Passengers traveling in Premium Economy will get a travel kit that will help customers to reach their traveling destination much more relaxed and refreshed.

  • They are served with welcome drinks.

  • They can also select their preferred meal from the available menu, and water bottles are provided complimentary.

  • The premium economy class also has large monitor screens so that passengers can enjoy watching their favorite shows and movies. 

Does Lufthansa let you bid for an upgrade?

Yes, Lufthansa enables you to bid for an upgrade. Customers can make a bid online 2 days before flight departure. The choice completely lies in the hand of the airline whether it accepts the offer or not for a seat upgrade. 

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