How Do I Select My Seat ON Lufthansa


Traveling with Lufthansa airlines will allow you to get multiple facilities like easy refunds on flight cancelation, special assistance for disabled travelers, complete packages, etc. You will also receive a multiple-seat options form in which you need to choose the seat you want. Multiple passengers have a query like, Is seat selection free with Lufthansa? Yes, the seat selection is free on Lufthansa airlines. Still, you do not apply for special assistance or some other facility in your seat. 


There are multiple ways for Lufthansa seat reservations, like connecting with the representative and getting their help or through the online process. To know both methods in detail, you need to read below. 

Via phone call: You can connect with the representative and give them information about seat reservation, and they will reserve your seat. To communicate with the representative, dial 1 (800) 645-3880 and select the language you find comfortable speaking. Then you need to follow the below-mentioned IVR.

Dial 1 for information about new bookings 

Dial 2 if you want to know about lost luggage information 

Dial 3 For the queries related to seat selection

Dial 4 if you're going to know about check-in 

Dial 5 to connect with the representative 

Choose the option as per the query and then connect with the representative. 

VIA ONLINE: If you find any trouble while connecting on call, then you can use an alternative mode to choose your online seat. To select the online method, you need to follow the below steps. 

  • Search the website of Lufthansa airlines in your search browser 
  • Then you need to click on the manage bookings option. 
  • After this, mention the booking reference number and last name in the available space. 
  • Doing this, your booking will come on the screen from there; you need to choose the booking where you need to select the seat. 
  • After this, open the seat selection tab and choose the seat from the available options. 
  • Last, if you see any payments, pay them by using your card or online mode


Passengers often have queries like how do seats work on Lufthansa as they need information about selecting the seat. To know about the seat selection policies of Lufthansa airlines, you need to read below. 

  • If you choose the seat before the 24 hours flight departure, you do not need to pay any charges. 
  • If you have a disability, you need to show the genuine documents, and you can choose any seat as per your convinence.
  • If you do not select the seat at the time of booking or after it, then the representative of Lufthansa airlines will automatically allot you a seat, and if you want to modify it, you need to pay the charges. 
  • If you make the bookings from any official representative of Lufthansa airlines, then you need to communicate with them to choose your seat. 


While traveling with Lufthansa airlines, you will get multiple benefits. If you are traveling with families and have queries like, Does Lufthansa sit families together, Lufthansa airlines don't need to sit families together. But if you ask the Lufthansa representative at the airport to sit together and give them a genuine reason, then you allow it. 

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