How do I select My Seat on Latam Airlines?

Latam Seat Selection Policy | LATAM Airlines Check-In

LATAM Airlines provides its passengers with an early online check-in facility. Passengers do not have to check in 48 hours before their flight departure like in traditional ways. With the LATAM Airlines check-in, you can check in online on their official website from the comfort of your home. LATAM provides the facility of automatic check-in for domestic flights as well as international flights.

Please take the following steps for online automatic check-in:

  • Visit the official website of LATAM,

  • On the homepage, click on My Trips. enter the email with which you made the purchase. Enter your email.

  • Now enter your booking reference and last name. Your ticket will appear in front of you.

  • Select the passenger you would like to check in . they may ask for additional details.

  • Now click on check-in.

  • You can also check in in the LATAM automatic check-in section. Here, you must enter your reservation code and last name. Press enter, and then you can check in automatically.

To be able to select a preferred seat, you will have to understand the seat selection policy. The policy is as follows: 

  • If you want to select a seat for free, you will have to make the selection within 24 hours of making the purchase. 

  • You can select a seat by going through the check-in process, irrespective of the fare type of your ticket. 

  • While selecting a seat, you cannot upgrade a seat. To upgrade a seat, you will have to go through the upgrade policy and also have to make the payment in such cases. 

  • Seat selection mainly depends on the availability of the 

LATAM provides its passengers the facility to choose a desired seat they want. Passengers need to pay an extra penny to get a preferable seat on the LATAM flight. 

The Steps For How Do I Select My Seat on LATAM are as follows:

  • Search for the official website of LATAM Airlines.

  • Click on Manage Booking. You must enter your reference number and your last name here.

  • Your ticket will appear on the screen. Here you will find the seat selection option. Click on it.

  • A LATAM seat map will appear in front of you. You can choose your preferred seat on this seat map.

  • After Selecting the seat, proceed to make the payment. You can choose the method of payment.

  •  After payment, you will receive an email from LATAM regarding your seat confirmation. Now you can enjoy your journey in your comfort zone.

How Can I Choose My Seats on Latam Airlines?

If you want to travel in the comfort you want, you can choose to select a seat of your choice. To choose a seat, you must go through the selection process. The seat selection process is as follows: 

  • Pay a visit on the official website of Latam Airlines. 

  • Then, click on the MyTrips option. Here, enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger to retrieve your booking. 

  • Once you get on to your ticket summary, you can click o the menu icon. From the drop-down, select the seat option. 

  • This will forward you to the seat map. Select a seat of your choice. Then you will be reforwarded to the payment page. If required, make the payment by following the on-screen instructions. 

  • Now, after successfully selecting a seat, you will receive an email along with the ticket to your registered email address. 

Select a Seat through the Customer Service team 

To get through the seat selection process, you can follow methods other than the online one. You can also get in touch with the customer service team to seek help from the executive to select a seat of your choice. To contact the team, follow the steps How do I select my seat on Latam airlines? are given below: 

  • At first, you will have to surf through the official website of Latam Airlines

  • Then, the second step is to click on the Help option at the top of the homepage of the airlines. 

  • From here, you will be forwarded to the help page. Scroll down the page to reach out to the contact us option. Now, select the same by tapping on Create a case. 

  • Then, either click on complaint or query. 

  • From the contact options, then select the call option. Give a call at the given number and follow the IVR to connect with a representative. 

  • The IVR to be followed is as given below: 

    • Press 1 to continue in English. 

    • Press 2 to change the language. 

    • Press 9 for more options. 

    • Press 0 to talk with an executive. 

    • Press # to listen to the menu. 

    • Press * for more options.

Latam Seat Selection Fee

The seat selection cost may vary from $10 to $50. Latam's back and black signature members have no seat selection fee. 

How much does it cost to check a bag on Latam?

You might be charged from $20 to $80 to check a bag on Latam. For more information related to the above-mentioned content, you can go through the official website or contact the customer support team of Latam Airlines. 

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