How Do I Contact LATAM Airline?

Suppose you want to reserve a flight with the airline and you want to inquire about the services, and you raise the query, “ Latam Customer Service” so to get the answer related to the same, you are suggested to go through the steps mentioned below:

How To Reach Through A Phone Call With latam?

Any passenger can fall in need of asking some queries to the airline about its services such as baggage policy, refund policy, senior citizen policy, check in terms and conditions, etc., so you can reach out to them through a phone call at 1 (866) 435-9526 and an executive of the airline will be assigned to provide you with resolutions. Please make sure to choose the IVR as per your desired service:

  • Press 0 and select your language. 

  • Press 2 to reserve your flight.

  • Press 4 to cancel your flight. 

  • Press 6 to request special assistance. 

  • Press 9 to talk to the customer service executive of the airline. 

  • Press # for other options. 

Is it Possible to get in Touch With The Latam Airline Through A Live Chat?

The airline ensures to deliver the best services to passengers, including customer assistance and other airline services. Suppose you tried to reach out to the airline through a phone call, but you were unable to connect with them due to a busy line, you can adopt a live chat method, and the steps for it are the following; please have a look:

  • Now Visit the official website of the airline to begin the process

  • There you have to tap on the Contact Us tab under the Help section. 

  • You will find the option, Chat With Us; click and start raising your doubts. 

Reach out through social media channels.

The airline also offers assistance on social media channels where an executive will be assigned to listen to all your queries, and you will be able to utilize the services to the best of it. Have a look at them:

What Are The LATAM Customer Service Hours?

There is always a query raised by passengers about the customer service hours and to know about the same, you are suggested to go through the points mentioned below:

  • It provides assistance 24*7 to passengers so they do not encounter any issues while utilizing the services of the airline.

Does LATAM Have 24 Hour Cancellation?

Doubt comes to almost every passenger about its 24 hour cancellation policy or concept. So, to get the answer related to the same, you must go through the discussion mentioned below, and after that, all your issues will be resolved. Please have a look;

  • Yes, the airline offers a 24 hour cancellation policy to passengers. 

  • This 24 hour cancellation denotes that if you cancel a flight within 24 hours, no fee is imposed by the airline. 

  • In case of any doubt, you are suggested to get in touch with the airline on their phone number. 

Is LATAM giving refunds?

Yes, LATAM Offers refunds to passengers, but there are certain terms and conditions that one is suggested to remember always:

  • You must cancel your flight within the prescribed time. 

  • A reason for canceling a flight and requesting a refund must be genuine. 

  • You can request a refund from the source of the booking. 

How To Change LATAM Flight Date?

There are instances when passengers decide to change their flight date, so if you are wondering to know the steps to change flight date, you are advised to read out the steps carefully:

  • Visit the official website of the airline. 

  • Tap on Manage My Booking to continue the process. 

  • Enter all the necessary details to view your flight.

  • Choose your flight, and there you will find the option to Change your flight. 

  • Make a preferred change or choose your desired date, and click next. 

  • Make the payment (if required), and you will be done with the process. 

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