How Early Can I Check My Baggage With KLM


If you booked your flight and you have to depart for your flight, and you have a European flight, you should check in 2 hours before departing your flight. If you want to board your intercontinental flight, you should check in within 3 hours before the flight departure. If you need more information to do the check-in with your baggage, kindly connect with the airline representative on a call. 


It depends on your ticket type if you are traveling with the KLM and want to know the baggage allowance. Each ticket has a different allowance. According to the airlines, if the baggage weight and dimension get exceeded, you get information about the bags; you can read the following:

  • Economy Class Allowance:

The number of checked bags travelers can bring in Economy class depends on various factors such as destination and ticket type. Travelers should always purchase extra bags during or after booking. The airline always offers the following baggage allowance per ticket type. 

  • If you travel with a light ticket business class, no checked baggage is included.

  • If you purchase the standard or flex ticket, you can take 1 item of checked baggage, up to 158 cm(l+w+h), including handles and wheels, with a maximum weight of 23 kg. 

  • According to the airline, travelers can bring 1 additional baggage on some routes. 

  • You can bring one hand baggage with a size of 40x30x15cm. 

Premium Comfort Class Allowance. 

Suppose the traveler is flying premium comfort class. They can bring two checked luggage items. The bag can be up to 158 cm(in length+width+height), including handles and wheels, with a maximum weight of 23kg. Travelers can bring the 2 items of hand baggage with a maximum size of 55x35x25cm, and the weight should be 18kg. 

Business Class Allowance. 

 Are you flying in business class and want to know the baggage allowance? You can bring two items of checked luggage. Both pieces of baggage can be up to 158 cm. It also includes handles and wheels with a maximum weight of 32kg. 

Allowance for Kids.

If you are traveling with a kid, you can bring several checked bags, depending on their ticket type and whether or not they have their seat. Here are: 

  • Have you booked a seat for a child? Travelers can bring the number of checked bags in the ticket type they choose. 

  • If your baby is traveling on your lap and you have booked a ticket type, you can bring 1 item of 10kg for your child. 

  • Passengers can bring several bags onboard their flight with their kids. It only differs if the children do not have their seats. If they are traveling on their lap, they can bring one piece of the item with a maximum size of 55x35x25cm and a weight of up to 12 kg. 


Yes, if you are traveling under premium economy front class, you can take 2 bags, and the size and weight should not exceed more than the dimensions. If you want to know about the KLM baggage check-in,  you can speak with the airline representative and get the information about the baggage. 

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