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How can I Upgrade my class on Swiss Air?

You can Upgrade your class on Swiss Air through online mode because it is quick and easy. You can get access to the upgrade option from your preferred location. By applying for an upgrade, you can enjoy several benefits that make your journey pleasant and hassle-free. Upgrading to your suitable class is based on availability. You will get different upgrade options such as Swiss premium economy, Swiss Business, and Swiss first class.

  • You can book an upgrade on all flights, regardless of the tariff on which the reservation has been made. Upgrades are available at a fixed supplement, and airlines guarantee a seat in the multi-award-winning Swiss Business, swiss first, or experience a new Swiss Premium Economy. 
  • You can also upgrade at the time of Check-in via online mode. To upgrade at check-in time, you must approach up to 23 hours before the flight departure time. 
  •  You can follow this article and retrieve all the necessary details to take advantage of the updated class. The report includes upgrade policy and procedure. 

How Do I Upgrade My Swiss Air Economy to Business?

You can upgrade your Swiss air economy to Business by the Bid. You need to bid for an upgrade, and you need to decide what upgrade is suitable for you. Then the airline will verify your Bid and let you know whether your Bid is successful or not within 48 hours prior to the flight departure. 

  • Open the Swiss Air official page.
  • After that, tap on the manage booking button.
  • Choose the bid option, fill in your chosen Bid at the page, and go through the instructions on the site. 
  • After that, the airline will drop an email confirmation, and you can change or withdraw your Bid 48 hours prior to the departure schedule.
  • Finally, the airline will inform you through email regarding bid success up to 24 hours before flight departure time. 

Once your Bid is successful, you will be charged, deducted from your credit card. 

The airline will deliver the e-ticket with your details and get your Swiss business boarding pass at check-in time. 

Can I upgrade my seat with SWISS Airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat with swiss airlines through an app or the web. You can upgrade your seat after booking confirmation and at the time of the check-in process. An Upgraded seat will provide you with ample facilities, including comfort, so that you will feel at home while traveling to your destination, such as a wide meal selection, welcome drink on board, privacy, and more legroom.

How much is the SWISS premium economy upgrade?

The Swiss premium economy upgrade generally charges you a bid according to your details. Once the bid amount is debited from your indicated credit card, you will receive the booking ticket at your registered details. 

If your Bid is not accepted, your original ticket will remain valid and not changed, and there will be no additional amount or charges for you. 

How can I upgrade from SWISS to Business First?

You can upgrade from Swiss to Business first through Bidding. You need to register a bid for class in the given time duration, which is 48 hours prior to the departure flight schedule. Once your Bid is successful, you must pay the amount and get the flight ticket at your registered details. 

  • You will get priority check-in and boarding to reach your terminal to board the flight quickly. 
  • You will get advantages like extra miles & more award miles. 
  • The airline staff will love to provide you with their award-winning cuisine. 

How much is it to upgrade from Business to first in SWISS? 

The upgrade fees for Business to first in Swiss are based on the type of flight you are traveling on to your destination. ( international, domestic ). For a first-class dining and travel experience, you need to upgrade your class up to 24 hours before the flight departure time with the help of the customer service team at +41 848 700 700. The team will provide you with the best price according to that, buy the flight ticket and enjoy the first class experience. 

How do I upgrade to Swiss first class?

You can upgrade to Swiss first class in my booking section. Enter your booking code, and the page will show you the flight details. Under that, click on the upgrade button. Now you are all set to upgrade your class first, then select your seat and make payment. Finally, you will get your e-ticket with your registered details. 

How does the SWISS bid upgrade work?

If your bid will be successful, you will get the invitation to bid at the end of the booking process. You will also get the information by email. The Swiss air bid will work according to the following steps. 

  • Firstly, you can proceed to the swiss air official website at
  • After this, you can select the My Bookings handle from the top of the website. 
  • You need to enter the correct booking code and the passenger's last name. 
  • From that, you can choose the suitable flight you wish to upgrade.
  • You can open the drop-down menu next to your flight ticket and tap on the bid an upgrade option. 
  • You can enter the chosen bid per leg and follow the necessary on-screen instructions. 
  • The airlines will send you an email confirmation message as soon as they receive the bid. 
  • You can change or withdraw the bid anytime before 48 hours of the scheduled departure. 
  • If your bid is successful or denied, Swiss Air will notify you by email 24 hours before the journey. 

Does SWISS Air offer upgrades?

Yes, swiss air the upgrades to business or first class for your journey. Therefore, travelers will earn the major advantages of upgrading their seats, which are provided further. 

  • You will enjoy priority check-in and boarding. 
  • Passengers will be access to the exclusive Swiss lounges. 
  • Swiss Air guarantees a free adjacent seat on the entire journey with more privacy. 
  • The baggage will be returned quickly upon arrival. 
  • The reward miles and more will be provided to you as an extra perk. 

You can proceed with the upgrade online or with the customer service operators to make the necessary changes. 

Can You bid on an upgrade on SWISS?

Yes, you can bid an upgrade on all the flights with swiss air on economy and business class travel. You can bid on the upgrade with you and decide if it is worth it for you or not. The upgrade service will be available up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure and not less than that online or with the customer service team. There will be specific terms and conditions that you need to follow to complete the upgrade, as given below. 

  • The flight upgrade can be done within 24 hours of the purchase at no extra cost and make the bid. 
  • If you complete the bid after 24 hours, you will be entitled to the applicable charges along with the fare difference. 
  • The bid price can depend on the travel destination, travel class, taxes, and some other conditions. 
  • In order to make the bid with Swiss Air, your flight itinerary must be purchased at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Swiss Air will not accept the bid on the flights to and from Dublin, Stockholm, and Warsaw. 
  • If your bid amount is successful, then it will be charged to the credit card. 
  • You cannot pay for the miles and more and get the new e-ticket in your mail. But you will receive the credit on the miles and more account when you upgrade to the higher travel class.
  • If the bid will not be accepted, the original ticket will remain unchanged. 
  • No additional cost will be charged by Swiss Airlines. 

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