How to manage booking with KLM Airlines


You have made your ticket booking and are looking for your booking number as it is very important once you want to make some changes to your ticket with KLM, and you are now wondering how do I find my KLM booking number. For that, you can check the booking number on your e-ticket, which you got after you made the ticket booking, and after that, you can make changes to your ticket. After you have found your booking number, you can now use the way to make some of the changes with the tickets, like cancelation and refunds or you can reschedule it

Way To Find The KLM Booking Number

Using Email

You must have received an email when you made your ticket purchase, and after you go to the mail, you can easily find there an email that contains your booking number after knowing that you can check in as well if you haven't done that earlier 

Using Ticket

Suppose you want to know where the booking number is on the Klm ticket, then you have to look closely, and you can see the Klm booking number there  

This article explained where to find your booking number if you were not able to find your Klm booking number using which you can complete the process for KLM Manage booking and then you can make changes to your ticket like can reschedule your ticket as well as other changes that you can make using manage the trip on the website 


After booking the tickets on KLM, if you feel the need for extra legroom on the flight or wish to have a separate comfortable seat, can you choose seats on klm. On a KLM flight, you can reserve a seat of your preference after the booking is confirmed till you check in for the scheduled flight.

Seat Selection Policy:

  • A seat can be selected with a reserved fee on the economy class of KLM
  • You can book a seat according to your preference on a KLM flight if there is a genuine medical condition.
  • Seats with larger leg space and extra comfortable seats at the front row can be reserved with advanced payment.
  • All seat selections would be as per availability and other terms and conditions of KLM.

Process to Select A Seat:

Online: The simple online way to choose the preferred seat is: 

  • Reach
  • Click on my trips
  • Enter booking code and last name
  • Choose a seat from the available seat map
  • Pay for the selected seat, if needed
  • Get confirmation on the seat.

Select seat at the airport: While you reach the KLM counter at the airport for check-in, you can request a preferred seat, and if the seat is available, it can be assigned to you with or without cost.


If you are considering how do I check in for my flight KLM? Then don't worry. In this article, you will get all the simple step-by-step methods that assist you in checking in for your flight KLM. to know all the processes, and you have to read the article to the end and follow all the steps appropriately. 

Procedure to check in for KLM flight:-

  • Initially, you have to go to the official webpage of KLM Airlines. 

  • Then move to the homepage, and then you will get the check-in option there. 

  • Now, click on that and enter all the information, like the passenger's last name and reference code, to move to the flight details. 

  • After that, you can use any itineraries which you want to attach with the flight details, and also you have to choose the seat to travel. 

  • Then, click on the check-in tab. 

  • Lastly, you can download your boarding pass from another window and get on your flight. 

Hope that this article regarding how do I check in for my flight will be helpful for you and resolve all the queries that occur. If you still have any doubts and want to get a real person from the airline, then directly connect with them through a phone number. 


KLM provides flight service to your desired city. If somehow the airline has canceled your flight and you have no idea what happens if my KLM flight is canceled, then the best option is to claim a refund from the airline and book another flight. If you do not know the Process to claim the refund, then read the given information.

The Process to claim a refund

To claim a refund from KLM for your canceled flight, then read the given steps:

  • Open the mobile app or the official webpage on your web browser.

  • Go to the “Manage my flight” option.

  • Enter your “Booking reference or ticket number” and “Last name.”

  • Click on the “Refund Status” button.

  • Then, you can see the refund status and how much time you will get it.  

After you have claimed the refund, you can also reschedule your flight through the same Process. If you need any help or have issues, you can contact customer service, and the representative will help you with your problem. You can get in touch with someone from the airline by calling on the official contact number of KLM or using the live chat option to chat with the representative.

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