Singapore Airlines Manage booking

Singapore airlines allow customers to manage their reservations after their tickets are booked to their destinations. Singapore Airlines Manage booking can be done online. There are several changes that can be made by using this service of the airline. If you wish to know detailed information about the same, then you can go through the curated information given in the forthcoming section.  

What Can Be Done By Using Singapore Airlines Manage booking?

Following modifications can be made by the customers by using the “Manage booking” service of Singapore airlines:

  • You can cancel your flight

  • Refunds can be requested

  • Flight rescheduling

  • Extra luggage can be added

  • Name or flight date change

  • Meals can be added

  • Special assistance requests can be made.

  • Online check-in can be done

  • The boarding pass can be downloaded

  • Seats can be purchased or upgraded, etc.

The procedure to manage your booking on Singapore airlines:

If you wish to make any of the above-mentioned changes to your booked tickets, then you must follow the online steps given below:

  • Go to the official Singapore airlines website.

  • On the homepage, you will come across various fields; tap on the “manage booking” option

  • Now it is essential that you enter your login credentials to proceed further.

  • Booking reference number and passengers name must be indeed to manage your booking.

  • Once you discover your ticket, you can make the desired changes to your reservation. 

  • Finally, save the changes. 

  • Once your process is complete, you will get a message about the changes you made to your registered phone number. 

How To Find The Singapore Airlines Ticket Number?

Many customers, after making a flight reservation, are confused about their flight ticket number. They often search for information to find their ticket number. If you are also one such person, then you can use any of the below-mentioned alternatives to find the Singapore airlines flight ticket number:

  • Search your mailbox: Once any customer completes his flight booking process, he is sent a flight confirmation message and details on his registered email address. Many times email gets lost in your mailbox or gets into the spam folder; hence, it is necessary that customers carefully search through all the folders to get the information.

  • By contacting customer care services: This method can also be used to find the ticket number of your reservation. For this, you can call customer services during their working hours, and as the call gets connected to a live representative, you must provide details of your credit card through which you have made a transaction for a flight ticket purchase. The airline representative will help you to provide your required information. 

  • Get information from your boarding pass: If, even after reading the information provided in the upcoming section, you are struggling to find the answer to the query “Where is Singapore airline ticket number?” Then you can also check your boarding pass. Your ticket number can be obtained from the boarding pass. 

Conclusion: Customers can use the information provided above to use manage booking facilities of Singapore airlines. If they can not find their ticket number and they have made a flight reservation via a travel agent, then they can directly contact them and request them to provide you with the required ticket information. 

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