How Do I Download My Emirates E Ticket

If you are planning to surprise your friend on his birthday by paying a visit and you wish to travel via Emirates, then you can make the flight booking by following simple and straightforward steps. After reserving your seat on the flight on your desired date, you can either take a print of your ticket, or you can download an e-ticket for your future use. Since the concept of E-ticket is not so popular, there are many travelers who are unaware of the process to download it. If you are also one among such people and you are searching for ways to download and save your E-ticket, then you must refer to the detailed information curated in the form of questions and answers in the following section. If you still have any issues regarding downloading of your ticket, then you can feel free to reach Emirates customer services.

How Do I Download My Emirates E Ticket?

Emirates provides the facility to passengers to use electronic tickets instead of conventional tickets on paper. They need not take a printout of their ticket but must download it for traveling reference. If any passenger wishes to download Emirates E-ticket, then he must use the following points to proceed using the online approach:

  • Visit the official Emirates website.

  • Check for your flight under the “My-Trips” section by logging into your account.

  • Now select your booking and tap on the option to download your e-ticket.

  • Soon you will get an email or text-message on your registered number from Emirates consisting of the link to your e-ticket.

  • You must tap on the link and save your ticket for check-in purposes.

  • It is advisable to take a screenshot of your ticket to avoid last-minute hassle at the security gate of the airport. 

How do I download Emirates tickets to my Apple wallet?

If you are an iPhone user and you wish to download an Emirates ticket to your Apple wallet, then it is possible to add the ticket to your wallet using the online instructions provided below:

  • Start the process by opening the official Emirates application.

  • Go to the section where your boarding pass or ticket information is saved.

  • Press the option of “Add to Apple wallet.”

  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your phone.

  • If you have paired an apple watch with your iPhone, then your boarding pass or ticket will be automatically added to your wallet. 

What Can be Done if you are Unable to Download Emirates Tickets to your Apple Wallet?

If you face any issues in downloading an Emirates ticket to your Apple wallet, then you can contact the customer care services of Emirates by dialing the official contact-number: 18007773999. As the call gets reverted by computer-generated voice, they must follow the guided instructions to get in touch with the corresponding representatives to get assistance. 

How Do I Find My Emirates E Ticket Number?

If, after downloading your Emirates ticket, you are confused about where you can possibly find the E-ticket number, then you must consider the following places where you will discover the relevant information:

  • If you have downloaded your Emirates E-ticket, then you will find its number situated at the right-hand top-corner. 

  • If you have taken a printout of your ticket also, then you will find the 13-character ticket number.

  • When you reach the airport, and you get the boarding pass, you can also discover the ticket number at the corner of your pass.

  • You can also search your linked mailbox or registered-number to find the ticket number, as after making a flight booking, Emirates usually sends a confirmation message describing all the essential information like ticket and flight booking-number.

How to verify an Emirates flight ticket?

If any customer, after making a flight ticket purchase, is confused about the reservation-status and wishes to verify his booking, then he can do it by following a set of instructions provided below through his mobile phone.

Verify your Emirates flight ticket via your phone:

  • Download the official Emirates mobile application from the Play Store of your device.

  • After completely installing it, open the application.

  • Now you must tap on the menu option provided at the right corner of the home screen.

  • Select the alternative of “manage booking” from the drop-down menu list.

  • Now you must log into your Emirates account using your id and password and navigate to the “My Trips” section.

  • Now you will get all the required information and the status of your reserved flight.

  • You can verify your emirate flight ticket and save the data for future reference. 

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