How to Change flight without Change fees with Spirit?

Spirit Airlines has maintained its name due to economical flight tickets and easy modification in flight reservations. Many travelers, after making flight ticket purchases, wish to change their tickets due to several reasons; in that case, Spirit Allows them to make required changes following easy steps. If you are unaware of the procedure, you must carefully go through Spirit Airlines flight change policies and procedures mentioned in the forthcoming section. 

How Do I Change My Flight on Spirit?

There are mainly two methods through which any customer can change his flight post-booking. 

If you wish to change your Spirit Airlines flight, then you must use the following methods according to your preference. If one alternative is not available, you can use the second method: 

Online method to change Spirit Airlines flight:

To use this option, customers are required to use the following online steps in sequence:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.

  • From the top menu bar, select the option of “My Trips.”

  • To discover your booking, enter your flight confirmation-code and passenger's last name and press the continue button.

  • You can also utilize your linked email address and password to login into your Spirit Airlines account.

  • Once you find your ticket, you need to press the edit-button.

  • Make the desired modifications, and do not forget to save the changes.

  • Once you change your ticket, you will receive new ticket booking-details on your linked phone-number or email-address. 

Request to change flight by contacting the customer care service of Spirit Airlines: 

Spirit Airlines flight changes can also be made by contacting customer care services. If you wish to change your reservation, then you can dial the official phone-number of Spirit Airlines: 855-728-3555. To contact the dealing representative, callers must follow the instructions generated by an automated-voice. Once the call gets connected to the dealing representative, callers must Provide their booking-details and ask them to make desired changes to their reservation. 

How much does it cost to change a flight on Spirit?

Customers are required to pay flight change fee as follows to Spirit Airlines:

  • If the time left in flight departure is 0-6 days, then $119.

  • If 7-30 days are left in departure, then $99.

  • $69 to be paid if the number of days left in flight-departure is 31-59.

How to change flights without change-fees with Spirit?

There are many situations in which Spirit Airlines allows customers to change their flight without paying any fee. If you are not aware of those circumstances, then you can use the following points:

  • Customers can change their flight free of cost if they request to make changes 60 days or more before flight departure or within 24 hours of booking. 

  • If you cancel your booking due to a sudden medical-emergency, the airline allows you to cancel your booking without paying a fee, provided you inform the airline and provide medical documents to verify your concern.

  • If you are a Business class fare-holder or you are a registered premium member, then you can change your ticket without paying a single penny to the airline. 

What is the flight change policy of Spirit Airlines?

If you wish to change your Spirit Airlines flight, then you must follow the Spirit Airlines flight change policies mentioned below:

  • If any customer changes his reservation on the same date of flight booking, then he is liable to make changes without paying any fee.

  • For flight changes made after 24 hours, costumes are required to pay an additional flight-change fee.

  • If Spirit Airlines delays your ticket, you can cancel that booking and request to change your ticket. 

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