How To Add TSA Precheck To American Airlines After Booking


American Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States. By choosing this airline as a travel companion, you can get TSA pre-check facility, and by using that, you can complete the check-in procedure quickly. If you are having issues such as how to add tsa precheck to american airlines, then relax and follow the steps that are stated below.

  1. Open the official site of the American Airlines
  2. After that, click on the find flight options
  3. Now enter the details of your flights and click on the find options.
  4. Further, choose your flight with the fare type and click on the continue options.
  5. On the next tab, enter the passenger details, and there, enter your KTN number 
  6. Later on, review the details and make the payment with the available resource.
  7. You can receive the confirmation message in the email and number when the process is completed.


TSA Precheck allows low-risk travelers to get through the security screening faster. With TSA Precheck on your boarding pass, you have access to shorter queues and improved customer experience. You will not have to remove your shoes, laptops, lightweight jackets, or belts. If you have access to the TSA Precheck and you can not see it on your boarding pass and wondering, “Why is my TSA PreCheck not showing on boarding pass American Airlines?” you can go through the information here to get the TSA Precheck on your American Airlines boarding pass.

Steps to get TSA Precheck on your American Airlines boarding pass 

  • Update your PASS ID or KTN (Known Traveler Number) in your account or on your reservation.

  • You have to log in to your account and click on “Information and password.”

  • Add your KTN or PASS ID in the field.

  • You have to provide your KTN in every reservation.


When you have completed the check-in procedure on American Airlines, you must add the TSA pre-check number to the reservation. Then do not worry about that because the resolution related to this could be obtained from here. Furthermore, to add this, you can make a call there by using the official phone number.

  1. First, dial this number 800-882-8880. then choose the preferable language and follow with the IVR menu
  2. Press1 to purchase a flight ticket
  3. Press5 for an existing reservation
  4. And then press2 to change flight
  5. Press3 to add the KTN number
  6. Press8 to speak with customer service


On American Airlines, you can add a KTN number at the time of booking, by calling the reservation desk, or after completion of the booking. If you have to add the TSA pre-check-in number to the reservation, try to make that 72 hours before the flight's departure. And the hint for doing that has been mentioned underneath:-

  1.  Head to the official website of the American Airlines
  2. After that, click on my trip options.
  3. Now enter the booking reference number with the last name of the passenger.
  4. After that, click on the add TSA options
  5. Later on, you get to enter the KTN number and click on the submit options.

What are the steps to add TSA PreCheck to my American Airlines Reservation? 

TSA PreCheck is a security program that permits passengers to speed up their screening process on U.S. domestic and international flights. You need to apply for TSA PreCheck and get the Transportation Security Administration( TSA) approval. American Airlines offers a separate dedicated screening lane where flyers don’t need to remove the shoes, jacket, belt, and laptop from their bags at the airport. Scroll down to find out how to add the TSA PreCheck to your reservation. 

Furthermore, by reading here, you can find answers about the TSA Precheck of American Airlines. If there are any issues related to this, then approach an airline's customer service for resolutions.

Can I add my TSA PreCheck to an existing American Airlines reservation?

Passengers can easily update their KTN( Known Traveler Number) to the booking. You have to follow the steps shared below: 

  • You have to find the trip on or the American app. 
  • Select Edit in the passenger information section. 
  • Go to Security information. 
  • Now, add your KTN or Pass ID. 
  • Save the changes. 

How do I add my TSA PreCheck number to American Airlines?

You can add the KTN number to your American Airlines account so that the next time you book the flight, your TSA PreCheck service automatically applies to your booking. Here are the instructions to update your AAdvantage profile to add PreCheck to a ticket easily:  

  • Log in to your AAdvantage account. 
  • Add your KTN or Pass ID in the “Secure Traveler” section.
  • Save your changes. 

Why is My TSA PreCheck Not Showing Up on My American Airlines Boarding Pass?

If TSA PreCheck isn’t showing on your boarding pass, you can’t get the quick screening services at the airport. Here are the reasons why it isn’t mentioned in your ticket: 

  • When there is a mismatch between the name on the ticket and the American Airlines account. This can be due to a change in the name after marriage/ divorce or a typo error. 
  • Passengers enter the KTN or Passid incorrectly. 
  • Your TSA PreCheck or Global Entry membership has expired. 

What if my TSA PreCheck is not on my AA boarding pass?

You are shared the KTN number by the TSA. You can contact the customer American Airlines customer number for a guide: 1 (800) 433-7300 for assistance. They will help you add the KTN number to the AA account or the existing reservation. 

What are the benefits of the TSA PreCheck on American Airlines boarding pass? 

Flyers provide a better travel experience, and you will get the benefits shared below: 

  • Quick transit through airport lanes. 
  • Shorter lines mean shorter wait times that will improve the customer experience. 
  • No Removal of shoes, laptops, belts, light jackets, and 3-1-1 liquids. 

How can I apply for the TSA PreCheck? 

Travelers can apply for TSA PreCheck, you will be shared the Known Traveler Number (KTN). Another way to apply is you enroll through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and you will get the 9-digit Pass ID. 

AAdvantage Executive Mastercard members receive an application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck up to $ 100 every 5 years. To get the reimbursement, passengers need to charge their application fee to AAdvantage Executive Mastercard. 

How can I contact a representative for TSA PreCheck? 

Suppose travelers don’t have a TSA PreCheck indicator on their boarding pass, you can contact TSA customer support at (866) 289-9673 for quick assistance. Another way is to connect via Twitter at @AskTwitter. 

Does TSA PreCheck show on-boarding passes? 

It shows on both paper and mobile boarding passes. Otherwise, TSA agents won’t let you into the PreCheck line. So it is advisable to check the pass before heading to the airport to avoid last-minute trouble. 

How early should I visit the airport to board the AA ticket with TSA Precheck? 

In case you are carrying the checked baggage, you are suggested to reach the airport a little early, at least 2 hours for the international flight. You may not have to wait in the queue for security screening, but you need to drop the bag at the ticket counter. 

Can Kids Use the American Airlines TSA PreCheck?  

According to American Airlines policies, children ages 12 years or below can avail of the facilities of the TSA PreCheck lane if traveling with their parents/ guardian boarding pass indicates TSA PreCheck. 


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