How Many Bags Can I Check To Mexico ?

Yes, you can check a bag in Mexico. You are allowed to bring one piece of baggage up to 25kg per passenger, which is allowed both(domestically and internationally). To know more information   Can you check a bag in Mexico, you must visit the official website or speak with someone on the call option. 

How Many Bags Can I Check Into Mexico?

The airline allowed passengers to bring their baggage according to their travel allowance. Each ticket has a different baggage allowance. Here is the information: 

  • If you are traveling in the main cabin baggage, you can bring 1 piece of baggage, and the weight should be between 20-25kg. 

  • The passenger has booked the flight in the class premiere baggage, and the airline allowed the passenger to bring 2 pieces of baggage, and the weight should be 32kg, and the dimension should be 70 lbs. 

  • If you have a titanium, platinum, or gold card, you have a book the flight ticket in the premier class, and you can bring the 2 pieces of luggage, and the dimension and weight should be 70 lbs/32kg. 

How Much Is A Checked Bag in Mexico?

The price will vary from the destination. The checked baggage price starts from $1335 to $5,550. To get more details regarding the price, you can visit the official website or connect with the representative who will provide the information to your query as soon as possible. 

What Can I Bring in The Checked Bag To Mexico?

If you are traveling to Mexico and you want to know what you can bring, you can read the given information: 

  • Passengers can bring alcohol, food items, and medications, which should be appropriately packed and labeled. 

  • You can bring your clothes and belongings, which should be appropriately packed and labeled. 

What Is The Baggage Policy Of Mexico? 

Passengers have to bring their baggage for their flight, but they don’t know what is allowed; they can read the baggage policy and get all the details. Here is the detailed information: 

  • The airline allows passengers to bring their baggage according to their travel type. Ensure the passenger has brought the baggage according to the allowance to avoid extra charges. 

  • The airline allows the passenger to bring 1 checked-baggage, and the weight should be 25 kg, and it is allowed from both domestically and internationally. 

  • Travelers can bring sports and musical items but must pay additional charges. 

  • The airline would not be allowed you to bring the Samsung galaxy note 9, lithium batteries, sharp objects like knives, scissors, blades, enamel paints, wet batteries, fire extinguishers, flammable materials, lithium and non-lithium batteries, lighters, and matchbox. 

  • Travelers can bring their personal belongings, which could be appropriately packed and labeled. 

How To Add The Baggage After The Booking? 

The passenger wants to add their baggage because they forget to add it before the flight. They can use the online or offline option to add baggage. They can read the information for more details on adding the baggage after the booking. Here are: 

Add the baggage after the booking by using the online method.

Passengers must add baggage after booking and can opt for the online method. To use the online method, they should know the detailed information. They should know the steps. If they don’t know, they can follow the steps: 

  • Open the Aeromexico web portal. 

  • Click on my trip option. 

  • Provide the required detailed information to sign in. 

  • Navigate your cursor toward the baggage option. 

  • Add the details of your baggage and click on the submit option. 

  • Get the confirmation of your flight on your credentials. 

Add The Baggage By Speaking With The Representative 

Travelers can add the baggage by speaking with the representative and using this contact number: 1(800) 237-6639. Follow the IVR steps, connect with the representative, and ask them to add baggage. Provide the required baggage details and get confirmation of your credentials. 

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