How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To Business Select On Southwest

How Do I Upgrade My Seat On Southwest Airlines?

If, after booking Southwest tickets to your destination, you come across available seats in “Business select” and you wish to upgrade your traveling class to enjoy the benefits associated during your journey, then you are eligible for the changes by making an additional fee. Now you must be wondering, “How much does it cost to upgrade to Business Select on Southwest?” Then you must know that the fares keep on fluctuating depending upon your traveling distance and traveling route. If any passenger wishes to upgrade their anytime, Southwest wanna get away or wanna get away plus seat to Business select; then they must pay approximately $30 for a one-way ticket. 

Procedure To Upgrade Southwest Flights To Business Select:

Now, you already have the information about the upgrade fee, but you still must be thinking, “ How do I upgrade my seat on Southwest airlines?” Then you have two options to upgrade your Southwest flights. A detailed description of both mediums is provided below: 

Online Method To Upgrade Your Southwest Seats To Business Select: 

This is a straightforward method that requires customers to obey the instructions given below online: 

  • Visit the official Southwest Airlines website. 

  • Navigate to the “Manage reservation” section from the drop-down menu bar under the flight option.

  • Enter the passenger's confirmation number and name and press on the continue button.

  • You can also get your travel itineraries by logging into your existing Southwest account using your credentials if you are a registered user. 

  • Once you find the relevant booking, tap on the option of “Upgrade to Business select” option.

  • You can check the availability and make the remaining payment using your preferred mode of payment. 

  • Finally, you will be notified on your registered email about the upgradation request. 

Offline Approach To Upgrade Southwest Seats To Business Select:

Sometimes customers are not friendly using the online approach to upgrade their seats, and they do not have the information about the availability of the seats; such people can use the offline approach to upgrade their seats. They must dial 1-800-435-9792 as the call gets connected to the corresponding representatives; callers must provide their traveling details to discover the flight and provide the required traveling arrangements. The payment must be paid online to terminate the process. 

Is It Possible To Make Southwest Upgrade Boarding After Check in?

Yes, customers are eligible to make Southwest upgrades after check-in. Customers must always remember that the facility is available for any time, wanna get away and wanna get away, plus ticket holders. They can use the online procedure or contact the help-desk counter of the airline at the airport to upgrade their boarding. The upgrade will only be provided if it is available, after which passengers will get boarding positions from A-1 to A-15. So if you are a traveler who does not wish to wait to board, then you must spend approximately 30 dollars to purchase priority boarding and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Early check-in.

  • Welcome drinks and a wide range of food.

  • Additional luggage allowed.

  • Flight tickets are refundable.

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