How Can You Change The Name On A Southwest Ticket?

If you are flying with Southwest and after ticket booking, you see that your name on the Southwest ticket is wrong, then, in that case, you can take the help of a digital platform where you can go through the official site of the airline and at the change option you are able to change the name on your flight ticket. But the question is: How do I change my name on my Southwest account? You can follow this article that includes procedures and policies for name changing. The method is very easy and explained in a basic way so that you can apply it without any external advice. 

  • You can visit the official tab of Southwest.
  • Then log in through your account, and the page will open.
  • After that, you can tap on the manage my booking tab.
  • Now enter your booking reference number and last name.
  • List of flights will be displayed on the panel; tap on your suitable flight option and click on the change button.
  • You are all set to make changes in your name in your flight details and submit it.
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation code message on your registered email id. 

Are you wondering to know how much does it cost to change the name on ticket at Southwest? Then below are the following steps that are mentioned to make a name change and you need to follow all the steps. Also, the charges for all the changes you make. Read this article till the end and resolve all the issues. 

Procedure How Much Does It Cost To Change The Name On Ticket At Southwest?

  • Access the official site of southwest Airlines and then move to the manage my booking option. 

  • Then, enter the passenger's last name and reservation code then access the account. 

  • Now, your flight ticket details will occur on your screen and select the ticket to make changes and complete all the changes according to your preferences. 

  • When you make all the changes, then click on the confirm buttons and then continue. 

  • Now, you have to make the payment that applied to your ticket, and lastly, you will get the confirmation messages on your registered email address and other details. 

The charges of the name changes are applied around $100 to $200, and you need to pay that while making changes. If you want to southwest airlines change middle name on ticket, then you are allowed to make four character changes from your first, middle, and last name. So, if you want to correct your middle name, then you can easily do that. 

May all the information mentioned above in this article be beneficial for you, and if you want to get more details, then directly connect with the airline experts to resolve your issue. 

Does Southwest Allow You To Change Names On Tickets?

Yes, Southwest allows you to change your name on the ticket. You can go through the below-written change policies for further clarification regarding the name change in the flight ticket.

  • Changes made, such as name, after 24 hours of flight booking, then in that case, you need to pay the flight change fee for further modifications.
  • In case you make changes to your flight ticket, such as name, within 24 hours of flight booking, then in that case, you need not pay the flight change fee for further modifications.
  • You can connect with the customer service representative if it is a misspelling. You need to carry valid identity documents to make changes in your name, or you want to add a middle name or nickname.
  • According to the policy, you can change up to 3 to 4 characters in your name free of cost. On the other hand, if it is a complete name change, you need to pay some price.  

Southwest Airlines Change The Middle Name On The Ticket

Suppose you make a reservation with Southwest Airlines and mistakenly enter the wrong middle name. Then no problem as the airline allows you for Southwest Airlines change middle name on ticket as it can be done through the official website or the mobile app of the airline. For any other information you can contact customer service and the representative will provide an answer.

Steps to change the Middle Name On Southwest Airlines Ticket

  • Open the official webpage of Southwest Airlines or the mobile app.
  • Tap on the “Manage my booking” option.
  • Enter the “Booking reference number or PNR number” and “Last name.”
  • Then select the “Change personal information” option.
  • Make the changes to your name as per your choice (up to 3 characters).
  • Pay if any amount shows on the screen by using your card.
  • After that, you will get a message regarding the updated information on your ticket.

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