How to change a flight on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines offer travel services according to the prevailing needs and requirements. You can view your account and make some other necessary changes online at their website. They provide you with the cheapest air prices for your destination to fly on a budget. Sometimes, you need to change your flight travel plans as you cannot fly to your destination on the scheduled departure. For this, many passengers ask How to change flight on Alaska Airlines? and get a new journey. You need to find the below simple steps to start the process online.

  • Firstly, you must open the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • After this, you can select the manage booking handle available on their website. 
  • You must enter the booking reference code and the passenger's surname. 
  • When you choose the submit button and get access to the reservation with the airlines. 
  • Thus, you can choose the preferred flight you wish to change.
  • With this, you can select the change flight button from the drop-down list. 
  • You can add the new travel dates on the resulting screen and search for the flight.
  • Alaska Airlines will provide you with a list of available flights to your destination.
  • From that, you can choose the preferred flight and proceed to the next page.
  • There, you need to make the online payment for the fare difference and flight change fees, if any. 
  • They will send you the updated flight ticket to your registered email ID.

Furthermore, you can change the flight journey with the customer service professionals and talk to the representative. All the contact ways are available on their help page to speak to the representative. You can call on the Alaska Airlines contact number at 1-800-252-7522 to change the flight journey. They are accessible daily round the clock to serve the queries for the trip and other modifications. 

How Much Does it Cost To Change A Ticket In Alaska?

The flight change fees will depend on the fare difference and the new travel dates. You can pay the necessary feed between $25 to $500 according to the travel class. The exact charges for your itinerary will be deducted at the time of flight change. 

Can I Change My Alaska Airlines Flight For Free?

Yes, you can change the flight with Alaska airlines free of cost within 24 hours of the purchase. According to this rule, you must have made the booking seven days before the scheduled departure. Although, if you change the flight with the Alaska Airlines miles, you don't need to pay any charges. 

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