How Much Are Baggage Fees on Sun Country?

How Much Are Baggage Fees On Sun Country?

If you are traveling on the Sun Country airline and want to know about the Sun Country Baggage Fees,  you can read the information on the website or speak with the airline representative. Travelers first and second checked bags will cost them $30 each; if they select that bag option during booking or checking in online, they must pay $40 if they check their bag at the airport. 

About Sun Country Baggage Fees?

When passengers travel on an airline and want to know about the baggage fees, they must visit the official website and get all the information. If the passenger brings the baggage according to the airline's requirements, they don’t have to pay the baggage fees. They must pay the charges if the baggage dimension and weight get exceeded. The charges are given below: 

  • Carry-On Baggage Fees: 

Suppose your carry-on item does not fit below the seat in from of you. The airline will charge you $25-40 each. The dimension should your carry-on baggage are not allowed to be more than this: 24x16x11 inches. It also includes wheels and handles. 

  • Checked-Baggage Fees: 

If the passenger brings the check-in baggage and the weight gets up to 50 lbs, and the dimensions are more than 62 inches, they must pay the charges. The charges for checked baggage are $30-$40. 

  • Excess-Baggage Fees: 

If you are traveling with excess baggage, you must pay the excess baggage fees—the fee for checking excess baggage that costs $ 40 per bag. You can speak with the airline agent to know more about this. 

  • Overweight Baggage Fees: 

You must pay the fees if you have any bag weighing more than 50 lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage differ. If your bags weigh more than 51-60 pounds, you will be charged an extra $20. On the other side, if you have a bag weighing more than 61-100 pounds, you must pay $ 60. 

  • Oversized Baggage Fees: 

Suppose the traveler has a bag with a sum of length, width, and height greater than 62 inches that will fall into the large category. The oversized baggage fees will be charged $ 100 when checked on the airline. 

Does Sun Country Charge For Carry On Bags?

The airline allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item baggage, including a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. Per traveler fee is free. The carry-on bags must not exceed 24 inches long x 16 inches wide x 11 inches in height and include wheels and handles. The weight should not exceed 35 pounds in weight. You must visit the official website if you require any other information regarding the baggage. 

How Many Bags Can I Take To Sun Country Airlines For Free?

The airline is allowed passenger one bag under seat item at no charge. It may be a purse, backpack, duffel bag, or another item if it fits under the seat in front of you. You must pay the charges if the bag does not fit under the seat. When traveling at the airline, and your baggage dimension and weight get exceeded, you must pay the charges. To get more information about the baggage, you must read the baggage policy on the website or speak with the airline representative on a call, who will provide you with all the information about the baggage. 

All you need to know about the sun country carry-on policy 

Sometimes more than preparing a plan for a trip is required; more than that, you need to maintain baggage that includes all the necessary belongings that can be consumed at your destination. For that, sun country provides a baggage facility that will help you in carrying your handbag, luggage, small bags, and big baggage with yourself during your journey without any hassle.

 The airline has issued a limit for carrying the baggage of certain weights and sizes; if how you exceed the limit, then you need to pay some extra charges. For that, you need to go through the Sun Country Baggage policy that will help you check your baggage at the airport without making any mistakes, and you can also avoid paying the extra amount to carry your belongings with you. 

The policies are flexible so that none of you will face any inconvenience.

According to the baggage policy, if you carry a single small bag, the permitted dimension should be within 158 cm, including three dimensions (height, width, and length), and the weight should be between 23 kg to 32 kg.

  • The airline allows one personal item and carry-on item for free, and in case of checked baggage or hold baggage, the airline will charge an application fee per bag if the number of checked baggage increases beyond 2.
  • If it is sports equipment that includes certain items, it might be charged with some fee from Sun Country Airlines. 
  • If you carry more items that are heavier or additional bags, then it will count as excess baggage. 
  • If you are traveling and it is a long journey due to which you stay up to many days, then you will get a free baggage allowance up to certain weights.
  • If you carry a wheelchair and it is a collapsible stroller, it should weigh up to 10 Kg (22 lbs), and it can be transported in the plane free of charge.
  • If the following passenger travels with an infant or toddler from 2 to 12 years, then the airline authority will allow one piece of baggage. But the considered weight should be within 23 kg (50 lbs). 
  • You can carry personal items such as a purse and laptop, which must not exceed the size limit of 17 inches length X 13 inches breadth X 9 inches height. 

The personal item should be fitted under the seat in front of the passenger.

  • Remember that jackets, umbrellas, diaper bags, and duty-free items will not be considered under the carry-on allowance.
  • Suppose you are an Active member of the U.S. military. In that case, you will get the benefit from the airline to carry two free bags that include in case the carry-on space gets full, then, the second one will be checked, but for that, you need to give a valid military id card to the authority. 

For further queries, you can contact the sun country customer service executive through the toll-free number 1 800-924-6184, via which you can ask about the baggage of the airline personnel anytime. 

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