China Airlines Baggage And Luggage Allowance


Many travelers prefer Air china to book flight journeys as they provide the best travel services. Air china allows the piece concept to carry the maximum luggage in travel. They offer free of cost baggage allowance on domestic and international routes to your destination. Therefore, to know how many luggage can I take on Air China, you can read the given information and get all the details. 

  • The size and dimension of your checked luggage must not cross 158 cm or 62 inches in height, length, and weight. The dimensions will include the wheels and handles. 
  • Each bag is not less than 62 cm or 24 inches to avoid baggage fees. 
  • The first and business club passengers can take up to 2 pieces of bags, not more than 32 kg or 70 lbs. in total. 
  • The premium class passengers can carry up to 2 ordinary bags free of charge. The weight of each bag must be within 23 kg or 50 lbs. 
  • All economy class passengers can travel with one piece of the bag weighing up to 23 kg in total. 
  • The infant passengers can carry an additional bag of weight up to 23 kg or 50 lbs free of cost.
  • If your checked luggage exceeds the general requirement, you need to pay some fees for oversized or overweight bags. 

With the above information, you can carry your luggage with air china accordingly. Although to know about China Airlines checked luggage requirements, you can get through with their customer service team. They will help you to add the appropriate bags on your journey to your destination.

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