How Many Bags Can I Take On United Airlines?


United Airlines is one of the premium airlines known for providing flexible baggage policies. If you are planning to fly on United Airlines and doubt how many bags can I take on United Airlines? Here is the detailed solution given below for your reference; go through it, and you will get the answer to your question. 

How Many Bags Can I Take On United Airlines? Learn Here

  • United Airlines allows you to carry one personal item and one carry-on item for free if you have a booking with United Airlines in Economy regular class. 

  • In regards to checked baggage and held baggage, you need to pay the applicable charges. 

  • For Overweight and Oversize bags, an application fee applies per bag, depending on the weight and size categories. 

  • You can also carry sports equipment; however, an applicable fee applies. 

So going through the information above, you must be clear about how many bags you can take on United Airlines. Moreover, to get additional information or other details, you can go through the detailed baggage policy given on the official website; else, you can also speak to the customer support page of united directly.


Having the information on proper United airlines baggage policies is essential. The airline provides these policies to provide information about How Many Bags Are Allowed On United First Class and several other details about baggage. You need to read below if you need to learn about United Airlines' baggage policies. 

The baggage policies of United airlines are below.

For business class: If you make the bookings and choose the business class seat, you can carry two carry-on bags under 8 kg and two checked bags under 28 kg. 

For First class: Traveling on United airline's first-class seat will allow you to carry three carry-on bags under 10 kg and three checked bags under 32 kg. 

Access baggage: If you want extra baggage, you have to pay the charges, and these charges will depend upon the weight of the luggage

Sports equipment: You can also carry sports equipment but will send it with your checked bags, and the charges are applicable

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