How early can I check in for my EasyJet flight?

If you are wondering about the check-in of Easyjet Airlines, then there are multiple things that you have to learn. In this article, you will get all the information which are related to Easyjet check in, the timing of Easyjet check-in, and the baggage charges that required. To get all the details, in brief, this article is for you and follows all the mentioned points to check in easily. 

How Long Before Travel Can You Check In Easyjet?

Are you wondering how long before travel can you check in Easyjet? Then there is the list of all the timing that you need to know and below are the following that are mentioned correctly:-

  • For early check-in, you have to access the official site of the airline and then check in as soon as 24 hours before the departure of your first flight. To check-in, you can use the confirmation number that is available in your online account. 

  • You can check in to Easyjet between 30 days and 24 hours before the flight departure and then download or print the boarding pass. 

  • If you are check in through the website, then it starts within 48 hours of departure and closes 12 hours before the time of departure in the economic classes. 

  • If you check in by mobile, then you will get the boarding pass and receipt in your registered mail id. 


If you are thinking that does EasyJet charge for check-in? Then, as you know that Easyjet is a low cost carrier that won't take any charges to check in and also for printing the boarding pass at the airport. However, if you are not checking bags, then you can save that time by checking in ahead of time and using a mobile boarding pass. 

Moreover, there are some charges that you need to pay for the baggage, and there are Easyjet checked bag fee that you need to know and below are the following that mentioned the baggage charges:-

  • There is some limited weight of the baggage that you need to know, and according to that, you have to pay the charges. The online and at the airport charges are different if you registered like:-

  • In online, if the weight of your checked baggage charge is 33 pounds(15 kg), then it will charge you from £6.99 per bag. And if the weight of your bags is more than 33 pounds to 50 pounds, then £9.49 per bag. 

  • At the airport, if the bag's weight is more than 23 kg, then it will cost £48 per bag or may will take more than that. 

  • If the weight of your bag is excess, then the limited weightage and you reach the airport, then you have to pay the charges of £12 for each 1 kg of excess weight. 

  • If you are traveling with family or friends on the same flight, then you are allowed to pool the items of baggage weight. 

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