How Do I Add My TSA PreCheck to My American Boarding Pass?

How Do I Add My TSA PreCheck to My American Boarding Pass?

American airlines provide boarding passes at your side via online as well as offline mode. You can also include your TSA precheck with your pass. Before that you need to know about TSA precheck. It is a membership based program that permits passengers to apply expedited screening at the airport security in which you can keep your lather items along with your laptop in your carry-on bags at the time of screening. But the question is: How do I add my TSA PreCheck to my American boarding pass? The easiest way to add your TSA precheck in your American boarding pass is by updating your AAdvantage profile via your number. 

  • You need to open the site of an American airline.

  • After that click on the sign up page and log in through your account.

  • Now move to your accounts section and tap on the information and password.

  • At last the page will show you the add precheck option , click on it after that enter your precheck number in the blank at the secure traveler section. 

How Do I add my TSA PreCheck to my American boarding pass during the booking process ?

In case you have booked a new flight then at that time you are allowed to add your TSA Precheck number after selecting your flight date and time. Following that you need to fill in the passenger's details. In case you already have an Aadvantage account then you need to enter your precheck number manually in the number field.

How do I add TSA precheck in boarding pass during American airline existing reservations ? 

You can add  TSA precheck via existing reservations on American airlines  by the help for below mentioned process.

  • You need to go through the official portal of American airlines.

  • After that click on manage my trip tab.

  • Now tap on the add or edit passenger option and add your precheck number.

  • At last you will get the confirmation regarding the update of TSA precheck.  

How early can you get a boarding pass for American Airlines?

You can get your boarding pass after check in through an online board or via an app which will start from 24 hours prior and up to 45 minutes prior to departure time ( 90 minutes prior for international flights).

How To Print A Boarding Pass For American Airlines?

You can check the email where you need to click on the confirmation link. After that, enter your booking details and the check-in process will complete following that you will get the boarding pass on your phone. At last you can print at your home or at the airport check in desk but it will cost you some amount. 

Points to remember 

In case you are allowed to pre check then the benefits will not automatically apply to your flight reservations. For that you need to update your existing flights option as well as your airline loyalty program profile so that you will get the benefit to use the dedicated airport security lanes for precheck members. 

For further queries you can connect with the customer service executive at American airline via toll free number 800-433-7300.

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