Qatar Airways Seat Selection


 Qatar Airways is ranked as one of the best airlines in providing these services to you. One more question arises among the ticket holders: How do I select my seat on Qatar airways if it is possible? Look after the detailed steps to select your seat on Qatar Airways.

  • You must reach the Qatar Airways website to obtain the seat selection facility.
  • Tap on the "My Trips" option and fill in the details of your booking.
  • Insert "Booking Reference" and the "Last name" you have submitted for your ticket.
  • Your booking details will open, and you will get all the options to make changes to your ticket.
  • Click on the "Select seat" icon, and a seating plan of your aircraft will appear on the screen. Available or vacant seats will be highlighted, and you can select them per your requirement.
  • After selecting the seats, pay the appropriate amount and confirm your seat.
  • You will receive a new email from Qatar Airways with an e-ticket and seat number.
  • You may obtain this service from your browser, or if it is possible for you, then you may also operate the mobile application of Qatar Airways to select your seat for your trip with the airline.

When can I select my seats on Qatar?

You make a plan to fly with Qatar Airways. However, flying in your preferable seats make your journey comfortable. For this reason, you search about. When can I select my seats on Qatar? So, according to the Qatar Airways seat selection policy, you can easily pawl the seats in advance while booking, during check-in, and from the airport by paying some additional charges to the Qatar Airways. In addition, if you didn’t select any flight while booking or during check-in, the airline will assign the seats from the available, which you will get it at free of cost. 


It depends upon the passengers what they expect from the aircraft and considering which seat is the best. You may expect large legroom, less noise, minimum turbulence, and the best first-time experience seats. All these expectations are usually thought of by first-time fliers, senior citizens, or weak-hearted people. Let us understand this separately:-

  • If you do not want to experience much turbulence, pick the seats near the wings.
  • You may choose the front seats to travel in a peaceful and quiet place.
  • You must pick the window seat to witness the breathtaking and iconic views. You can also opt for the window seat for a better sleeping place.
  • For more legroom and extra space or the emergency situations, you may choose the bulkhead or the seats near exit points.
  • In Qatar Airways, you may look after rows 29 & 30 to get the best legroom.

Do You Have To Pay to Select Seats On Qatar Airways?

Yes, you have to pay to select a seat on Qatar Airways. But the higher fare class could not get to pay additional fees to select a seat because it is included in their flight tickets. Moreover, to pick a seat on the airline, you may have to follow up with its policies, and the provision related to this is written at the bottom:-

  • A seat selection is the subject of availability; you can get one when it is present.

  • If you have sought special assistance aid for wheelchairs, then you may not be able to get a seat on the exist rows.

  • Unaccompanied minors or pregnant women may not be allowed to choose a seat near the emergency exists row.

  • If you have purchased a lower-class ticket, you may be unable to choose a seat on your own. And if you don't get a seat prior to the check-in, then airlines could allot any available space.

  • When a passenger travels with the falcon, you could be placed to the rear of the cabin, not close to the infant, children, or emergency exit row. 

  • If you have made a group booking, try to choose a seat in subgroups, and escorting passengers have to sit with them.

  • Airline might not take cognizance of the booking conducted with the travel agent. If you have a similar request, get in touch with them to get a preferable seat. 


Prior check-in is the facility in which you do not need to wait in the long line of passengers at the airport. If you want to check in for your flight, then you would also know; how much earlier it is possible to do. Qatar Airways offers you the opportunity to check in online 36 hours to 90 minutes from your departure. There are multiple methods for check-in with Qatar Airways you should know:-

  • Web check-in:- This is the method you may utilize when you check in to your flight from the official website of the airline. When you land on the website, a "Check-in" option you will see on the front options bar, click on it. Fill in the required information and tap on "Check-in". You will receive a notification from Qatar Airways that you have checked in to your flight. Also, you may try to check in from the airline's official mobile application.
  • Kiosk check-in:- If you are not willing to be a part of long lines of passengers, you can visit the kiosks stationed at the airport for check-in. Reach the kiosk and share the details of your ticket and confirm the check-in. You will get the online status and show it at the next counter to get the hard copy of the boarding pass. At some airports, you can also board by using the e-boarding passes that you have received from prior check-in.
  • Airport check-in:- This is the most common that you may access. Reach the counter to check in for your flight with Qatar Airways. It is also important to know that the rush and check-in time depends upon the flights, like, international or domestic, and on specific days like festivals or holidays.

Qatar Airways Flight Status Philadelphia To Doha

If you have a flight with Qatar Airways and you are aware that you may be late for the flight or flight may get late due to any reason, in this situation, you can check the live status of your flight and get the exact information. To get this information, you may reach the online web portal of Qatar Airways. Click on the "Flight Status" option and then you may write "Flight number" and type 'Philadelphia' in the departure and 'Doha' in the arrival option. You will get the status of the Qatar Airways flight after selecting the date. Then prepare yourself accordingly.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Fee

Yes, Qatar Airways lets you select your seat free of cost. It can be understood by the policies of the seat section in Qatar Airways. If you are looking to select a seat for your journey within 24 hours of booking, no charges will be applied to you. But if it is done after 24 hours, then as per the seat, you will have to pay some related cost to confirm your seat. If you are a ticket holder of higher classes like Business, Premium, or First, you can select your seat anytime you want without paying any extra amount to the airline.

What Is The Difference Between Preferred And Regular Seats On Qatar?

The basic differences that may be understood between these two terms are as follows:-

  • When you reach the airport for your flight and obtain the boarding pass from the counter, the airline allows you a seat written on your boarding pass; this is called a Regular seat.
  • If you choose a particular seat or multiple seats before your departure date through the discussed method on the airline's website or the Qatar Airways customer support service, this is called a preferred seat.
  • Suppose you have reached the airport and now you want to make any possible changes to select your seat. In that case, you can request the counter representative of Qatar Airways to allot you a separate seat for your journey so you can experience the best you have expected.  


If Qatar Airways has lost your luggage and you want to make a complaint, you can do so by filling out the complaint form. If you have a question about how to make the complaint, then you can call the Qatar Airways complaint number, which is 202-366-2220 (voice) or 202-366-0511 (TTY),. You only have to dial the number once you contact the airline executive, discuss the query you are facing and get the relevant solution from the airline executive.

Apart from the telephone form, the passenger also has another way to make a complaint. If you don't have the idea as a complaint to the airline, then keep reading below to get the responsiveness.

  • Through the inquiry box: you can make a complaint through the inquiry box. To make a complaint, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the official website of Qatar Airways and tap on the help center section.

  • You will be redirected to the airline's help page, where you will find the option to make a complaint by inquiry box.

  • Click on the box at the bottom of the page and write your problem.

  • After completing the process and clicking on the submit option.

In this way, you can send your complaint to the airline services. Now passengers no longer have to think about How do I complain to Qatar Airways? The maximum time to obtain a response from the airline executive is within 24 hours of filing the complaint. There are other modes also to file a complaint to Qatar Airways. 

How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge For Seat Selection

When you have organized a vacation with Qatar Airways and purchased its flight tickets. Now your urge to travel on the preferred seats, you may have to pay an additional cost. Further, the cost of qatar airways seat selection business class as well as others, could be around $40 to 250. So, the modes to choose a seat are mentioned at the bottom with the hint of using that.

Via call

You can speak to a human at the airline on call and pursue your request comfortably. Thus, you can dial 1 (877) 777-2827 and then choose a preferred language. Afterward, you get to select one option from the telephone menus:-

  • Press1 for privilege club inquiry

  • Press4 for an existing reservation

  • And then press2 to change a flight

  • Press4 to choose a seat 

  • Press9 for speaking with customer service.

Via online 

You may be charged additionally on call modification, and that could be avoided by following the process independently through the online methods. If you need a guide for using this, then act with the steps that are elaborated beneath.

  • Head to the authenticated website of Qatar Airways

  • Later on, click on my trips

  • Under that, type your booking reference number with the last name 

  • On the next tab, click on the seat options

  • Now the seat maps appeared; from there, choose the available one and click on the continue icons.

  • Further, complete the payment with the available sources and click on the icons.

  • And then, you could receive an approval message in the registered email and phone number.

Via airline counter

You may seek a last-minute seat on the airline from the airport, but it relies on availability. In this way, you may get the seat at a cheap rate and also be able to make a payment in cash. When you choose a new seat, you get to conduct the check-in again and receive a boarding pass.


If you want to get information about the process of how to check Qatar airways ticket, then there are the steps. You have to read the article till the end to learn the entire process of how to check Qatar tickets, and below are the following that is required. 

Procedure to check your Qatar Airlines:-

You can follow the complete steps to learn to check Qatar airways tickets:-

  • Access the official website of the airline and then move to the search page of PNR. 

  • Then, you must enter the details required to check the flight ticket. 

  • Now, the list of all the available tickets will open on your screen, and you can select any ticket to reserve. 

The process to verify the ticket status:-

If you are wondering to know about the How can I check my Qatar Airways ticket status? then there are the following steps:-

  • Firstly, access the official website of Qatar Airlines and then search for the PNR search page. 

  • When you get that, click on it, and a new page will open where you must enter the booking reservation number/ticket number. 

  • After that, you will redirect to the manage my booking, where you can see the list of all the tickets and check whether your ticket is confirmed or on the waiting list. 

  • Lastly, the e-ticket will be sent to your registered email address, and you can also print that. 

May the details mentioned above will be helpful for you and assist you in checking the flight ticket quickly. If there is any problem, then contact customer services to fix that. 


If you are flying with Qatar Airways, reach out at the airport at least two-four hours before the departure of your flight to avoid the last-minute rush at the check-in desk. Do you know How long is the check in before flight in Qatar Airways? It is 3 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. The check-in desk is open 1 hour before the departure of the flight. 

Website: Check online at Qatar Airways to save yourself from the long queues and rush at the airport. Follow the guide of Qatar airways check in through the official website:

  • Open the Qatar Airways website and log in with your account,

  • Click on the “Check-in” option on the homepage,

  • Check-In by entering Reference No. & Last Name, 

  • Retrieve your flight online with these few steps and obtain your e-boarding pass.

Mobile App: Qatar Airways launched its separate mobile app for the convenience of the customers. By using the app, passengers can book or cancel their flight and check in online. Follow the guide to check-in through the mobile app:

  • Open the Qatar Airways App,

  • Directly go to the “Check-In” option on the menu,

  • Use the Scanner to scan the passport and complete checking,

  • Download your boarding pass on your mobile phone.

Hence, the above online check-in options are to save you time and for your convenience. You can Check in anytime within 24 hours of your flight departure from anywhere from the Qatar Airways mobile app or website. One can also arrive at the airport and go to the check-in desk.

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