United Airlines Manage Booking - How Can I Change & Cancellation


Manage booking options are indeed very helpful. It helps you to find the right way to make changes to the booking you have made. Ensure you have selected the steps below to use the United Airlines manage booking option. Through this there are several things which you can do. You can even upgrade your seat, or make other changes. 

United Airlines allows you to secure your booking from manage booking section help you to modify your flight after the reservation. When you complete the booking task, you always review your booking. If you observe something wrong, complete the manage booking task genuinely.

Steps to Manage Your Booking

  • Get on the United Airlines website. 

  • Tap the “Manage to book” button. 

  • Now enter the booking number and the name of the United Airlines website. 

  • Press the button search. 

  • Once the investigation is over, then you will get your booking. 

Open the booking, and then you can make the changes per your need. You can change the flight or the date of your reservation. However, you will not be able to make the changes to the destination. You can only change the date and the flight. 


Manage booking helps you to upgrade your flight, select your seat and choose your favorite one, go for the check-in task, and so on. When you select your queries to get the answer related to manage booking, do it within 24 hours and secure your booking for a longer time.

Go through the established guidelines below.

·         First, visit the booking website of United Airlines and go to the booking page.

·         Select the manage booking and enter the passenger's reservation number and last name.

·         Go to the booking details, select modify the section, and choose a relevant seat.

·         Change the passenger’s name, date, and time, and reschedule your flight which you can do with manage booking.

·         After completing the task of manage booking, get the message on your registered mobile phone at the end.

If you still need clarification about how do I manage booking with United Airlines, connect with a live person who can assist you at any time.


Travelers sometimes cannot board the flight on the expected departure. In this case, they want to change the flight dates for the preferred destination. To learn how can I change my flight on United Airlines, you can follow the points below.

  • Initially, you must get the official web portal of united airlines.
  • After this, you can tap on the manage reservation option.
  • At there, you need to provide the passenger's last name with a booking reference number.
  • When you tap on the retrieve button, you will access the reservation.
  • Choose the flight you want to change and tap on the change my flight button.
  • You can select the new travel dates and search for the flights.
  • From the list, select the appropriate flight and continue to the next page.

You need to pay for the fare difference, if any, and change the flight ticket. With this, you will get confirmation mail accordingly.


After making the flight bookings, multiple things arise due to which you cannot travel, and you have to pay the cancellation charges. While making the bookings with United airlines, you will receive multiple facilities. If you want to know, Can I cancel my United flight without penalty? Yes, you can cancel the tickets without paying any charges, but there are some policies that you have to full for this, and these policies are below. 

The cancellation policies of United airlines are below.

  • If you cancel the bookings within 24 hours of bookings, then you will not need to pay the charges.
  • When purchasing the tickets, if you apply for insurance, you can cancel the ticket without paying charges. 
  • If the flight is delayed for more than 2 hours, you will not need to pay the cancelation charges. 
  • If you get a medical emergency, you must show the relevant documents and cancel the tickets without charges. 

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