How Do I Speak to Someone At Avianca?

How Do I Talk to a representative At Avianca?

Avianca has 100 years of aviation services experience, ultimately telling about its excellent services. If you are wondering to avail of its services, you must book a flight. If you are in doubt and ask a query, "How do I talk to someone at Avianca?" and wondering guidance will make them capable of using the services to the best.  So, go through the discussion and unlock methods.

Are you looking to get the best travel deals for your journey? If yes, then stop wasting time on various sites looking for cheaper flights and make your booking with Avianca Airlines. Now, suppose you are planning to make a booking with an airline to get their elite inflight services at a reasonable rate and want to discuss it with their representatives. The airline provides several channels to the passengers to connect to their representatives. You can read this article to know your options for contacting the airline. 

How Do I contact Avianca by phone?

People usually find it easier to connect with the airline's customer service agent on the call. The steps that need to be followed to connect with the agent over call are mentioned here for you as follows. 

  • Dial the customer service number +34913337053, and once getting connected, you need to follow the on-call menu. 
  • Listen to the on-call menu to find the issue faced by you and choose the option closely related to your query. 
  • Once the on-call menu is complete, there will be a short hold, after which there will be an agent over-call with you who will provide you with the best help and assistance.
  • The call line is available to passengers from 06:30 AM to 04:00 PM and from 09:30 PM to 02:00 AM on Monday to Sunday basis. 

How do I Communicate with Avianca via Live Chat?

The steps that need to be followed to proceed with the customer service agent of the airline over live chat are explained below in detail for you. 

  1. Get onto the official website of Avianca and look for the 'Contact us' option. 
  2. Once you find the 'contact us' option on the homepage, you'll get redirected to the contact page.
  3. Search and select the live chat icon, and a chat cloud will open on your screen.
  4. You have to follow the auto-generated chat process in the chat cloud. 
  5. Once the chat message is complete, the agent of the airline will connect with you over chat to provide you with the reliable assistance. 
  6. You may also get asked by the airline to submit your feedback of your travel experience. 

How do I contact Avianca by WhatsApp?

The passengers can also chat with Avianca agents through WhatsApp. To get a WhatsApp agent, follow the steps here:

Visit the official website of Avianca.
Click on contact us and select the WhatsApp option.
Now, tap on Continue to chat and select either to download or use WhatsApp.
A QR code will appear in front of you with the instructions on the left side of the screen.
Scan the code and follow the on-screen instructions to say Hi to the agent. 

Dial a phone number and cite your concerns. 

If you want to get quick resolutions from the airline, the primary method you can adopt is to dial a phone number 1 (800) 284-2622, where a live person will be assigned over a phone call to whom you can pose several queries such as baggage norms, flight timings, terminal number, etc. However, you must remember that choosing an IVR post-dialing a phone is mandatory. 

What is the WhatsApp number for Avianca? 

Passengers always wonder to connect with the airline on WhatsApp; hence they look forward to finding Avianca's WhatsApp number, +57 3114006797. You can save the number and forward all your concerns to the executive, who will offer you a complete resolution. 

Where Do I Send an Email to Avianca?

The passengers may need to contact the airline for several things before and after the booking. If they are looking to get detailed information, they are advised to Contact Avianca by email through the following process:

Visit the official page of Avianca.
Click on contact us.
Tap on Email Us and get an email form.
Complete the form and describe your concern in the comment box.
Click on submit and wait for their reply. 

Can I email Avianca?

Avianca Airlines does not want its passengers ever to experience trouble while approaching their assistance team. Hence, they have provided their assistance email address, where travelers can forward their queries such as baggage lost or found, refund status, booking or canceling query, etc. 

Alternative methods to approach Avianca's assistance team?

Forward your concerns via live chat. 

Many passengers send their service-related concerns via live chat. Hence, this method is believed to be the alternative to a phone call. However, below are the steps that one has to follow to get an official airline's chat window:

  • Browse Avianca's official website. 

  • Once there, you will view the Contact Us section and tap on it. 

  • One "Chat With Us" has to be clicked out of three options. 

  • Send your concerns, and an agent will provide you with appropriate resolutions. 

Write and forward your service-related issues on social media channels. 

You can forward your concerns to the airline on social media channels anytime; for that, you have to describe your entire query adequately and send it to the agent. You can find the links to these channels on their social media channels. 

What different services are proposed by Avianca?

There are different services proposed by the airline, and if you want to be aware of that, below is the information; please have a look:

  • 24*7 Customer assistance— The airline offers service 24*7 so every passenger can get in touch with them whenever they feel necessary. 

  • Food and beverages— The airline may offer you additional food and drinks on board so you can get the best journey experience. 

  • Check-in facilities— There are different check-in platforms on which you can check in, such as Online, Kiosk, web, help desk, etc. 

What is the best time to reach Avianca?

To get to the assistance team of Avianca, the best time is always considered to be on a weekday in the early morning. And to be more precise, between 8 AM to 12 PM. 

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