How do I get in touch with Flair?

How can I get in Touch With Flair?

Flair Airlines is a Canadian airline headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. It is the first and the only independent ultra-low-cost airline in Canada, with a fleet of more than 730 aircraft. When planning to travel with Flair, passengers must know the methods to reach Flair Airlines customer service officials. As they can provide assistance whenever a passenger needs it. If you are going to travel with Flair and require help, then make sure to call the customer service agents at 1-833-711-2333 between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. MST. Follow these steps to speak to an agent:

  • Dial the number as mentioned above.
  • Listen to the IVR commands carefully.
  • Press the key to connect to an agent.
  • Wait on hold according to the estimated time.
  • Soon, an agent will get on the call.
  • Tell them your requirements in detail.
  • And follow their instructions to get the assistance.

Does Flair have customer service?

Yes, Flair Airlines has a customer service team. The agents are well-trained to assist the passengers whenever they require any service-related assistance. To access Flair Airlines customer service, make sure to visit their official website and click on Support, located at the top panel of the website. Under that, you will see the available contact options, choose one according to your preference, and communicate. 

What time does Flair Airlines open?

Flair's self-help services are available 24 hours a day on its website. However, the call services can only be accessed from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. MST. It is advised to call the customer service office during service hours only, but if you are in need of immediate assistance or need to book, change, or cancel a flight. You can use the services online on the official website of Flair Airlines.

Does Flair have a customer service chat?

Yes, Flair has a customer service chat on its website. The chat services are available to all of the passengers, irrespective of the booking and ticket type. The chatbot at Flair is named Max, and it is a virtual assistant. Passengers can get help from the virtual assistant regarding an existing reservation, booking an itinerary, redeeming flight credits, flight status, etc. The steps required to chat with the virtual assistant are as follows:

  • Search "Flair Airlines" on a trusted web browser.
  • Then, open the official website of Flair Airlines.
  • Look for Support at the top panel and click on it.
  • Then, choose Chat with us from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for the page to get loaded.
  • The chat box will open on the following page.
  • Type your message and get the solution to the issue.

Can you cancel Flair tickets?

Flair Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their flight tickets if they have a change of plan within 3 hours before the flight departure time. Remember that Flair doesn't allow cancellation and refund between 3 hours and 48 hours prior to the flight departure. However, if your flight was canceled or delayed for more than 2 hours, you can cancel the flight and get a refund. Here are the steps to cancel a Flair Airlines flight online through its website:

  • Head to open Flair Airlines' official website.
  • Click on Manage booking.
  • Enter the reservation number and the passenger's surname.
  • Click on the Find My Trip button.
  • Choose the flight which you want to cancel.
  • Click on Cancel flight and proceed.
  • Read the terms and conditions and confirm it.
  • At last, hit the Cancel flight button.
  • And your flight will be canceled.
  • Soon, you will receive an Email regarding the successful cancellation of your flight.

How do I get WIFI on Flair Airlines?

If you want to use internet services on the flight and want to enjoy Flair Airlines inflight services, then make sure to download the app Flair Airlines. The link to download the app is available at the bottom of the official website. Click on the link and download the app. While on the flight, turn on the airplane mode, connect to Flair Airlines Wi-Fi, and start using the app. 

Flair Airlines has a range of self-help services that can be used to resolve all types of service-related queries. Still, if any passenger requires further assistance, they can visit the Support page and access the contact options available. Flair Airlines is also available to be contacted on social media. They regularly update on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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