Do you get to pick your seat on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection

Seat selection on Alaska Airlines is a relatively straightforward process. When you book your flight, you are prompted to select your seat. You can also choose your seat anytime after booking by logging into your account on the Alaska Airlines website or through their mobile app. This article will discuss some important details related to Alaska Seat Selection; you can walk through to make your seat selection on Alaska Airlines. 

Alaska Airlines is a major airline from the United States of America. Suppose you plan to book a seat on the airline. You can choose the seat of your choice on the plane at the time of booking; however, if you forget to select the seat of your preference while booking. If you are thinking, How do I get my seat assignment on Alaska Airlines? There are various ways to pick a seat. One possible trick is to check in 24 hours before the scheduled flight. This is where most of the unclaimed seats become available for the passengers. 

How do you pick your seat on Alaska Airlines? 

Traveling in your preferred seat via Alaska Airlines is a comfortable experience. However, not all travelers are sure about the seat booking process and search "How do you pick your seat on Alaska Airlines?" if you are also bothered about the process, then you can select a seat either during the checkin process at the airport or online after making a flight reservation. The online process to pick your preferred seat on Alaska Airlines is as follows: 

  • Visit the official Alaska Airline website:
  • You must now click on the "Manage Trip" option.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter your flight information code and traveler's last name.
  • As you fill in all the details, you will get your ticket.
  • Now, you can check the available seats on the seat map.
  • If required, you must pay the additional charges along with the seat selection fee.
  • Confirm and save.

Does alaska airlines assign seats together?

Alaska Airlines is a major airline in the United States and is ranked third for the low airfare, best for arrival rates, best for baggage handling, and known for highest customer satisfaction. It assigns seats together as its systems are programmed to detect you traveling with your family and then automatically assigns them together. If the full family cannot obtain seat assignments together, then Alaska Airlines will do it for you to make sure all the family members are sitting together. 

How Does Seat Selection Work on Alaska?

Alaska Airlines allows you to choose the seats at various stages; during booking, after booking, and before departure. The airline offers different seats, including standard, Preferred Plus, and Premium Class seats. Standard seats are included in the price of your ticket. For rest options, you can follow the steps to select seats with Alaska Airlines.

Follow the steps below to select seats on Alaska Airlines 

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website or open their mobile app on your phone.

  • Log in to your account using the credentials. 

  • Go to the "Manage" tab and select "Upcoming Trips."

  • Find the flight for which you wish to select seats and click on "View Trip."

  • Click on the "Select Seats" options, and you will see a seat map of the aircraft, indicating which seats are occupied and which seats are available.

  • Choose your preferred seat from the available options on the seat map.

  • You can also change your seat selection later by following the same process.

  • Now proceed further and pay for the seats you have selected. 

  • Follow the prompt, and you can complete the seat selection. 

In addition to the process above, you can select seats over the phone by talking to an Alaska Airlines representative. You might need to pay extra administrative charges when you book your seats over the phone. Besides, if the departure date is quite close, you can select your seats during online check-in or by visiting the airport. 

How Much Does It Cost To Pick A Seat On Alaska?

The seat selection cost depends on the time of selecting a seat. If you selected your chair on the flight while booking. The airline will not charge you any additional amount until you upgrade to a premium class. It may cost you around $25. However, it is subject to when you select a seat.

Do you Pick Your Seats On Alaska Airlines?

Yes! Alaska Airlines allows you to pick seats if you are looking for more comfort and extra legroom. However, it's not mandatory; if you are ok with standard seats, they are already included in your ticket. Alaska Airlines assign you a standard seat if you don't pick any seats. Besides, you can select your seats by visiting the Alaska Airlines website or mobile app, logging into your account, and choosing the preferred seat from the available options on the seat map.

What Does It Mean When You Are Awaiting Seats On Alaska Airlines?

The Airline offers you an offer to pick a seat on the plane. However, if you have not chosen a seat on the airline, in such a scenario, the airline will assign you a seat themselves. Awaiting seats means a passenger has checked in but has not yet received a seat on the flight. Suppose you have upgraded your seat from the main class to the first class. The airline will provide you with a seat-by-seat assignment in the airline.

Do you get to pick your seat on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines does give you the option to select the seats at the time of purchase. One can select the seat during the purchasing of the ticket. The passengers who are traveling on tickets booked using the flight pass are eligible to select the seats in the main cabin of the aircraft at Alaska Airlines. Read the information given below and learn how to select a seat at Alaska Airlines;

  • You can visit the official website of Alaska Airlines, and by going into the 'manage my bookings' option, you can select the seat accordingly.
  • You can also do this through a call by dialing '1800 252 7522', and after following some IVR instructions, you will be directly connected to the customer service executive, where you can request seat selection, and they will provide you the seat on the availability.
  • There is another option: you can visit the airport and request the customer service agent for the seat selection, and they will provide you depending on the availability of the seats.


Hope you got all the information you were looking for regarding your questions about the seat selections, such as how to select a seat at Alaska Airlines?, does alaska assign the seats together? And now, you are able to do the same without facing any issues.

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