Where Do I Find My Booking Reference Number Qantas?

Where Do I Find My Booking Reference Number Qantas?

You booked a flight with Qantas Airlines, but you require the booking number to maintain it. For this, you take a glance at the fight ticket number. There are several approaches to attaining the Qantas booking number. As a result, you must track down the article below. By proceeding, you can obtain the Qantas booking reference number quickly. Therefore, to get this, you must get through the following article promptly. 

Moreover, if you look for finding ways to get the PNR number, you can get it in several ways that are stated below under this article.


a passenger can readily take the reference number by calling. To get it, pursue the below-given steps that are:

  1. Navigate the Qantas Airlines web portal on your search engine.

  2. Scroll to the “contact us” section and click on it

  3. Continuously find the phone number as per your location on the next page.

  4. Take the number and dial 1 (800) 227-4500/+1-802-800-2746

  5. Call them and wait to connect it.

  6. After that, speak to them and ask about your booking reference number  

  7. The airline asks for some details, share with them

  8. After that, get the booking reference number from the airline person by speaking with them quickly. 


you will attain this by emailing the support person. Therefore, to get this, go through the underneath steps:

  • Move to the customer service page of the Qantas airlines

  • There you need to find out the email address from there

  • Take it and go to the mailbox of your phone 

  • Paste the email address qantasagencyconnectna@qantas.com.au under the BCC section

  • Share your issues with the agent, and you must request the booking reference number of your current reservation.

  • Add the appropriate details in the mail and send it to them.

Further, after receiving the email from you, the airline person sends your current reservation’s booking number via email within 24 to 36 hours. 

Hence, by pursuing the above article, Where do I find my booking reference number Qantas helps you get the booking number quickly. And, while taking it, if you interact with any kind of difficulty, contact the Qantas Airlines customer service person at 1 (800) 227-4500. And, through speaking with them, resolve all issues quickly with them.

Where Can I Find My Qantas PNR number?

When you book a ticket on Qantas, a PNR number is given to every booking, either individual or group, which is unique for each ticket. So What is PNR number in flight ticket? The full form of PNR is the Passenger Name Record, which defines the entire detail of the booking under the particular passenger name.PNR is a 6 digit Alphanumeric number assigned by the airline on confirmation of bookings.

Purpose of PNR:

  • It holds the complete information regarding the destination, origin, personal details, and other verification information of passengers.
  • A PNR is non-transferable, which means no other person can travel with your ticket.
  • A PNR is inimitable, your ticket cannot be stolen, or the number cannot be repeated by someone else for misrepresentation.
  • If a passenger changes or modifies the ticket beyond the permissible limits, the ticket has to be canceled and booked on with a new PNR.
  • The PNR is required during the check in for the scheduled flight to confirm the journey. 
  • PNR is also needed to make modifications to the ticket for identification.
  • The PNR can also be used to check the status of the Scheduled flight for whether your ticket is confirmed or waitlisted.

Where Can You Find The Qantas PNR

When a booking is complete for a Qantas flight for an individual or group, a PNR is issued immediately on the booking. To see the PNR, you can try the following:

Online: There is an easy online way to find the PNR of your booking as stated below:

  • Log in to the Qantas account with your registered email address and password
  • Click on the “My Bookings” option
  • All the past and present bookings will show up on the screen
  • You can further choose and click on the option of the booking to find the PNR number of your present booking.

Check the email: While booking, you give your registered email in the contact details. As soon as the bookings are made and payments are complete, an email is sent by Qantas to your registered mail address that will include the PNR and other important information.

On the ticket/ boarding pass: When you receive the boarding pass or the ticket from Qantas, the PNR will be mentioned therein.

Is PNR Number Same As Booking Reference? 

Yes, a PNR and a booking reference are the same. It is generated by Qantas after the flight reservation is confirmed and used for passengers' identification before and after boarding. 

Therefore, please go through the illustrations above and find the PNR easily to use for check-in with Qantas and other services.

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