San Juan Airport Customer Service Phone Number

How Do I Contact The San Juan Airport?

San Juan Airport is the busiest airport that operates various flights to many destinations at low expenditure. Therefore, you will take some knowledge and detailed information about the airport and its service through contact. For this reason, you are looking for How do I contact the San Juan Airport? Therefore, you should review this article due to there are some modes that help you in contacting the airport person quickly. 

  1. Call the San Juna person: you can directly speak to the airport representative by calling at (787) 289-7240 or by taking the number +1-802-800-2746  from the contact page of the San Juna Airport. Thus, via talking, you can readily communicate with the agent and by this sort out all difficulties quickly. 

  2. Send an email: Also, the customer service person hears all issues via email. Therefore, to assist with this, go to the support page, look for the email address, and pick Afterward, go to the email section, and compose an email requesting their help. Send it to them. 

  3. Social media: Customer service is available for their passengers through social media. Therefore, to take it, you have to reach out to the bottom of the page, there you will find the social networking sites that are:

  • Facebook-

  • Instagram-

  • LinkedIn-

  • Twitter-

Move to the message box, and share your problem with them via social chat. And solve it quickly by speaking with them quickly.

  1. Office: In addition, by reaching the co-operate office of the San Juna Airport, whose address is C2Q2+R82, Arrivals Ave, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico, help you take help and assistance instantly via the direct person.

  2. Contact form- you can contact the customer service person via the contact form. Therefore, to reach there, you should fill out the contact form that you can attain by visiting this web link

What is The Phone Number For SJU Airport Lost And Found?

Sometimes the passenger losses or finds something at the SJU Airport, and they want to inform the airport person. For this, they looked for the phone number of the lost and found at the SJU Airport. So the number is 1 787 791-0098. By calling them, share information and get it thoroughly with them. 

What is the San Juan Airport baggage claim phone number?

You can speak to the San Juan Airport for baggage claim at 787-791-3371 and get a claim in a month. Sometimes the number is busy; in that situation, you can send an email to the airport person at to make a baggage claim.

Where is the baggage claim at San Juan Airport?

The Baggage claim at the San Juan Airport is stated on level 1.

Is there a lost and found at San Jose airport?

Yes, there is a section for lost and found at the San Juan Airport. In addition, through this, you can directly make a request to find a lost item and file a report for lost time. In addition, you can also speak to the agent at SJU regarding Lost and Found through email. Therefore, to get this, you should consider the ways stated below.

  • Send an email- In addition, you can directly get the information about your lost item by sending an email to with full details of your item.

  • Call the Lost item security person- if you lose anything at the SJU security, you can get the information by contacting the Lost items security agent at 787-253-5637.

  • Fill out the lost and found form- you can fill out the form to report the lost and found item. Therefore, visit the San Juan Airport, find the lost & found section, and click on it. After that, open the form, enter all the essential details, and submit it.

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