Tap Portugal provides digital help that you can access anytime. Tap Portugal provides you with various methods to get in touch with airline customer service executives. You can connect with the tap Portugal on the phone as the calling process is quick and effective. The phone call process will resolve your query promptly. But How do I contact TAP Portugal by phone? You can follow the below-mentioned procedure to get in touch with the tap Portugal authority without making any errors. The steps discussed below are quite easy and can be applied without any expert number.

  • You need to open the official site of tap Portugal.
  • Then move to the contact us section at the section tap on the call us button.
  • Now the page will show you the toll-free number (+1 800 903 79 14)
  •  , dial it.

After Dialing The Number, you will connect to the IVR and follow the instructions below.

  • Press 1 to check the fly status
  • Press 2 to manage booking
  • Press 3 for baggage claim
  • Press 4 to connect with the tap Portugal customer service executive
  • Press # to disconnect the call 


 The toll-free number +1 800 903 79 14 is available 24 hours and seven days, actively participating in every other query and resolving it with an effective solution. You can dial the number from your preferred location without any delay. You can talk in any language, so there will be no language barrier, and you can easily clear your confusion without hesitation. The professional will provide you best guidance without any delay in your system.


The TP number is the airline's code, which is mentioned beside the flight number. And that TP number you can have only on the flight booked on Tap Portugal Airlines and not from the other airlines because every airline has different codes for their flight. You can check in at the Tp counters per the terminal mentioned in the tickets. However, if you didn't locate this flight number, speak with the airline's customer service, which is 1 (800) 903-7914, and you may get a resolution from them. 

TAP Air is the flag carrier of Portugal. And if you have come across the Term TP and want to know about it, then it is the code for TAP Airlines. When this number appears on the flight ticket, it indicates the airline's flight number and is printed on the boarding ticket. Moreover, you can not face questions such as What is TP number TAP airlines? Because of these answers and with the help of this code, you can be aware of your flight's status, which could help you plan the trip accordingly. If you wish to check that number prior to the boarding pass, then you can use the steps and check online:-

  • Open the official website of TAP Portugal

  • After that, click on my trip option from the homepage.

  • And then, you have to enter your ticket number and the surname of the passenger.

  • Further, you can see the details of your itinerary, and there you have the TP number.

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