How do I contact SkyWest?

SkyWest Airlines is an American regional airline that operates and maintains aircraft for its partnered airline. SkyWest Airlines partnered with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines, serving millions of passengers with 250+ destinations throughout North America. SkyWest does not provide facilities like reservations or ticketing; instead, they help in notifying regarding delays, cancellations, and diversions, helping with the baggage after arrival, and ensuring the delivery of a high standard of safety and experience with each of their partner airlines to their valuable passengers. 

If you are traveling in North America and want to know how to contact SkyWest, you have multiple ways. SkyWest has opened up for their customers, and to give a seamless experience, you can choose to get them through email, phone number, fax, or by visiting their corporate office. You can select the following.

How Can I Contact  SkyWest by Phone

You can contact them by making a call from your phone. You need to dial their official corporate service desk number, which is +1-802-800-2746 /435 634 3000, and you can follow these steps:

  • First, dial the number, and then you will hear an automated IVR.

  • Choose your language if prompted.

  • Listen carefully and follow the given instructions 

  • Press the buttons accordingly. 

  • Later, you'll get to talk with their Customer Service Executive. 

  • You can share your concerns with them, and they will lead you to the necessary solutions.

Sometimes, making a call becomes hectic because of the long waiting period. It usually happens because, during peak hours, SkyWest's Customer Service Associates work hard to ensure their customers' experience by providing them with solutions. 

Use these free tips to avoid waiting time.

  • Early is the best. You can call as early as possible during working hours, reducing your waiting time. 

  • Try to avoid making calls at the peak hours. Most days, Customer Service Executives are busy from 10 to 4 p.m. because of the high number of requests considered peak working hours.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays are considered the busiest days of the week, so avoid making calls. Monday is the day on which people face the most extended waiting period.

How do I email SkyWest Airlines?

You can choose to make contact through emails. If you have any complaint or query, want to inquire about any services, want to know about their partnered airlines, etc., you can email their official email ID and ask for their assistance. You are required to explain your concerns, and you can also attach some supporting documents with them and send them to After sending email to them soon a member of their team will contact you and provide assistance.

Contact via Contact form.

If you have any complaint or feedback you can share by filling out their contact form, following which a member of their team will contact you. You can look into these steps to raise a request:

  • Go to their official website,

  • Navigate to the menu, where you will find the contact button.

  • Click on the Contact button.

  • You'll be redirected to their Contact Us page.

  • Fill out the details.

  • Click the send button.

Where is SkyWest Airlines headquarters located?

If you have questions regarding SkyWest Airlines, want to share your experience, ask general questions, etc., you can contact SkyWest Airlines's headquarters by visiting their corporate office. Their headquarters is at 444 South River Road, St. George, Utah 84790.

If you need to learn how to reach there, you can get help from different navigational apps.

Is SkyWest the same as United Express?

No, they are not the same company but they provide similar services to their customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their primary business is to provide airline services. SkyWest Airline is an American regional airline of its parent SkyWest, Inc., which provides services to operate and maintain aircraft of their partnered airlines. In contrast, United Express is a regional brand of its parent company, United Airlines Holdings, Inc., that operates short, medium-haul feeder flights. 

SkyWest Airlines partners with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and American Airlines. On the other hand, Being a regional brand, United Express provides airline services for United Airlines, under which 5 individually owned regional airlines operate. 

Does SkyWest fly international?

No, SkyWest operates flights for the world's largest carriers, including United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines, only around North America. 

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