How Do I Get Montreal Airport Baggage Claim Phone Number

If you do not get your baggage at your final destination, your airline will try to locate your bag and hand it over to you fairly quickly. Losing a piece of luggage can add to the stress of travel; you must always get in touch with the airline and the airport to find your lost item. If you are excited to know, "How Do I Contact Montreal lost luggage?" there are various ways to call at the airport to find your Baggage. Usually, the airline you are traveling with will track your lost luggage in 3 days' time, but it is better to keep the airport in the loop so that your stuff can be found sooner. You can go through the information below to get the contact details of the airport in case you need it in the unfortunate event of losing a luggage.

Different Ways To Contact Montreal Airport For Lost Luggage

Via the official website:

You can contact Montreal Lost luggage by using the official website, as it is user-friendly and consists of all the contact information. You may follow the steps below.

  • You have to reach to the homepage and click "Contact Us."

  • Now select the option "I am looking for a lost item at the given airport" from the drop down box.

  • You have to fill out a form with your details like your name, number, the time when you last saw the luggage, and the luggage description.

  • You will need to describe the circumstances you were in when you lost the luggage, and you can attach pictures and click "Submit"

  • The airport will reply to you in 2-3 days with an update on your lost luggage.

Via Email:

You can contact the airport through the email address for lost luggage. It is one of the best ways to keep track of the conversation. You have to write your personal details like your name, number, and address, along with the description of the luggage. The concerned department will get back to you via email within three days.

Via Airport Baggage Claim

The Montreal airport baggage claim must be contacted for lost luggage. An airport representative will be available to assist you and help you track your luggage. Lost, delayed, or damaged baggage has to be reported at the baggage claim so that the search can begin as quickly as possible.

Montreal Airport Baggage Problem

The transfer and delivery of your checked baggage is the responsibility of the airline you are traveling with. However, if you lose a baggage, you may contact the airport to help you in tracking down the baggage. An expert is always available at the airport baggage claim to help you with the lost baggage.

Montreal Airport Lost And Found

Passengers' belongings, including luggage, handbags, and other vital items, were occasionally lost at the Montreal airport. At that time, the passengers required assistance locating their things and needed help contacting a customer service representative to discuss their issues. The lost and found department at the Montreal airport can receive reports from travelers. At Montreal Airport, there are numerous ways to contact the agent.

Multiple ways to contact Montreal Airport lost and found:

Use an online process to report lost and found:

You must submit the online form if you have lost something at Montreal Airport and want to report it. You can fill out the  Montreal airport lost and found form by visiting the official website of Montreal Airport. To submit the form, you must follow the steps as per described below:

  • Go to the Montreal Airport website.

  • On the webpage, you will see the option Lost and Found. Click on that option.

  • Under the Lost and Found tab, click on the I lost something at the Airport. Select that.

  • Navigate the option Where can I claim a lost item at the Airport?

  • Now tap on the Lost item form.

  • Enter all the details in the given form and attach the documents as required.

  • Press the submit button.

If you are still thinking of alternative ways to contact the Montreal Airport about lost and found, you must read the information below.

Report lost and found by the calling process:

You can make a phone call at Montreal Airport to complain about the lost and found. You need to dial the Lost and Found Montreal airport phone number 514-633-2076, and the customer service representative will assist you with your concern. From 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, the lost and found service is open.

Montreal Airport Baggage Claim Phone Number

Montreal airport baggage claim phone numbers are 514-633-2076 and 1 800 465-1213. 

The latter number is toll-free and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You may follow the steps below to contact the airport for baggage claim.

  • You have to dial the number and press the relevant number to select the language you prefer.

  • Select the desired option from the IVR instructions for baggage claim.

  • Once you are connected with an expert at the airport, you have to provide our details like name, number, email address, and address.

  • You must also give a description of the baggage you have lost.

  • You will get the best possible solution, and the expert will file the baggage claim for you and give you the details.

  • You will also receive an email from the concerned department regarding the baggage claim.

Where Is The Baggage Claim At Montreal Airport?

Baggage claim at Montreal Airport is at the airport cloakroom at the arrivals level. The office is located between doors 21 and 23. The lost and found service is available from Monday to Friday, and the operational timing is between 9 am and 5 pm. 

You can claim your oversized excess baggage at the baggage claim. Contacting baggage claim for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage is the best way to locate the item instantly.

Do I Need To Recheck My Luggage in Montreal Airport?

You do not need to recheck your luggage in Montreal airport if it is a transit for you and you have a connecting flight. Your luggage will be transferred by the luggage handling system automatically. 

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