What is the phone number for ITA Airways special assistance?

A Detailed Guide About ITA Airways customer service in US

While you are in the US, if you book a ticket with ITA Airways and some modification is required, you can contact ITA Airways customer service anytime. There are several contact options provided by the airline; however, connecting via phone is the simplest and quickest way. In the article, we will discuss ITA Airways contact options in detail; you can walk through them to communicate and solve your queries better. 

How to communicate with ITA Airways from the US via phone? 

To communicate with ITA Airlines from the US, you can make a phone call at ITA Airways live person phone number 877-793-1717 and speak to the agent instantly. 
Here is the step-by-step process to ensure things are clear:

  • Dial the ITA Airways toll-free US number 877-793-1717
  • Choose a language that you understand from IVR and follow further commands 
  • Press 1 to book a flight ticket 
  • Press 2 to change the flight 
  • Press 3 for the flight schedule 
  • Press 4 for seat selection
  • Press 5 for more 
  • Choose one option that suits you from the above list and continue 
  • The automated voice will connect you to the selected departments at ITA
  • You need to stay online by the time an ITA agent joins the phone
  • Once available, talk to them, and you can discuss your issues and get them solved 

How to contact ITA Airways customer service via email?

You can contact ITA Airways via email when a written response is required or if you want to share any feedback, suggestions, etc. To share the email, you can use the registered email ID specialassistance@ita-airways.com for special assistance services and complaintsUS@ita-airways.com to share complaints. How do I email ITA Airways? The process is as follows: 

  • Login to your Email account and proceed with comping a new email 
  • Based on the type of email, use the email id specialassistance@ita-airways.com or complaintsUS@ita-airways.com 
  • Now, write the subject line; it should be short and clear 
  • Enclose the supportive documents in case you want any
  • Now write about your inquiry in the mailbox, and once done, click on send 
  • After the email is sent, the ITA Airways team will then review it and share a reply 

Can I chat with ITA Airways customer service? 

Yes! ITA Airways also allows you to chat with their customer service in case you are not comfortable via phone or email. In case you are not sure how the ITA Airways customer service chat process works, here are the details: 

  • Head to the ITA Airways official website 
  • You need to sign in to ITA your account using the credentials 
  • Go to the Contact Us link at the bottom and open it
  • Scroll down, and you can find out the chat option
  • Open the chat box and type your questions in the message field
  • You can also choose a link from the options given and follow the prompts to solve the issues 
  • In case your query is still not solved, be online, and the system will connect you to the ITA agent soon 

How to share complaints with ITA Airways? 

If you want to share a complaint with the airline, you can share it at complaintsUS@ita-airways.com.Besides, in case the response takes longer than expected, you can mail the complaint letter to the mailing address below. 


How to contact ITA Airways via social media? 

The support team at ITA is available 24/7 on various emerging social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is one of the most convenient options to get assistance from the airline. In case you want to contact the airline on these platforms, click on the desired link below. You can then log into your account, and then, using the message button or tweet, you can share your problem. It also allows you to post comments on the timeline so that the ITA team can review it and get back to you. 

  • https://www.facebook.com/ITAAirways/ 
  • https://twitter.com/ITAAirways 
  • https://www.instagram.com/itaairways/ 

Conclusion:  There are several contact channels available if you want to connect with ITA customer service. Based on the query you have, you can email the airline, chat with the agent, and connect with them on various social media. How do I contact ITA Airlines from the US? Besides, if you still have these questions, you can log into your account to get personalised support; otherwise, visit the ITA Airways website for additional information. 

Know What is the phone number for ITA Airways special assistance?

ITA Airways has offered special assistance to guests with special needs and support. Some people require extra care to make their travel journey as special as they are. ITA provides different contact ways so that they get assistance at first. If you are someone who requires extra care, then you can talk to the ITA special assistance phone number. 

  • Dial 877-793-1717.

  • Follow the ITA standard calling procedure.

  • Press the prompted buttons. 

  • Soon, you can talk to an ITA agent and get your support assistance. 

If you are someone, or you know someone who is a passenger with reduced mobility or with disabilities, then they can request special care by getting in touch with the ITA Concerned support team on their phone number 800 936090 on Monday- Friday 9 am-8 pm CET. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, they are available from 9 am to 5 pm CET. The calling process would be the same.

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