How Do I Cancel A Reservation With JetBlue?

If after booking a JetBlue flight to your destination, you wish to cancel your booking due to availability or alternate cheaper flight to your destination and are searching “How do I cancel a reservation with JetBlue?” Then you must use the online steps described below:

  • Visit the official JetBlue Airline website.

  • Navigate to the “manage trips” option from the top of the homepage.

  • Enter your booking credentials.

  • As you discover your flight ticket, you must tap on the cancel my booking option.

  • After pressing the confirmation button, you will receive a flight cancellation message on your registered phone number. 

How To Get A Refund From JetBlue? 

Sometimes due to technical issues, customers are unable to use the online approach and look for a method to request a refund. They can use the option to contact customer services of the airline by dialing the official calling number: 1-800-538-2583.

The call will be welcomed by an automated voice that will generate the following IVR menu for callers:

Press 1: For bookings

Press 2: To modify your booking

Press 3: For cancellations and refunds

Press 5: To request special assistance

Press #: To request a callback

After pressing “3” from the above menu, your call will be forwarded to the corresponding JetBlue representative, you must provide your booking details, and he will help you to get your refund. 

Does JetBlue Refund On Cancellation? 

Yes, JetBlue provides refunds on cancellations. Customers can cancel their refundable tickets anytime before their scheduled flight departure. If travelers don't cancel or reschedule their tickets before departure, then their money will be deposited in a travel bank account that can be used by the passengers for future bookings. JetBlue does not provide refunds for flight cancellations on all flights. If you miss your flight or for “no-show” conditions again, money will be given in the form of travel credit, and if you cancel your booking after completing it partially, then only that portion of your ticket is refundable that is cancelled by the passenger.  

How Do I Request A Refund From JetBlue? 

If you wish to request a refund from JetBlue and you are unaware of the process, then you must use the following steps to use the online procedures. 

The online process to request a refund from JetBlue:

  • Visit the official JetBlue Airline website.

  • From the top menu bar, select “Manage trips.”

  • Enter the passenger's last name and flight confirmation code to discover your flight.

  • Once you find a booking, you must click on the refund form link. 

  • You will be navigated to another page where you must enter mandatory fields.

  • Also, you must give a valid reason to claim a refund and attach the supporting documents.

  • Press on the confirmation button followed by clicking a submit tap.

How Long Does It Take For JetBlue To Process A Refund Request? 

If you request a refund from JetBlue and you are wondering how much time is taken by the airline to process your request, then the time depends upon your initial mode of transaction for flight booking. If you purchased your ticket online using credit cards, then you will get your money back within 7-10 business days in your account. If you have chosen an offline medium of payment, that is, your purchased flight ticket via cash, then the time taken to receive a refund might stretch up to 20 business days. 

What Is JetBlue's Refund Policy For Customers Who Need to Cancel Their Flights? 

If, after making a JetBlue flight reservation, any customer comes across any emergency which requires him to cancel his existing booking, then he is eligible to cancel his reservation and claim a refund. They must always go through the refund policies of the airline before requesting a refund. Some of the important highlights of the same are described below:

  • According to JetBlue's refund policy, if any customer requests to claim a refund on the same day of booking that is within the risk-free period of booking, then he will be refunded the full amount in his original mode of payment.

  • All the refund requests made after 24 hours of the initial booking are liable to get deducted refund depending upon various factors.

  • If your reservation has been cancelled by JetBlue due to any reason or your flight has been postponed without your prior knowledge, then the airline is liable to refund your money back.

  • For all the flight cancellations made due to sudden medical emergencies of the passenger or the immediate family member of the traveler are eligible to get a refund if they provide verifying documents to the airline. 

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