How Do I Contact Mexico City Airport Lost and Found ?

How Do I Call Mexico Airport?

Suppose you are traveling on a flight that schedules from Mexico Airport, and you need to contact the lost and found department to report an item. If you wonder how do I call Mexico City Airport lost and found? Then you need to make a call on the phone number that is provided by the airport for the ease of the passengers. Here you will find the needed calling procedure.

Steps for Mexico Calling Process:

  • Place a call on the phone number: 2482-2289,

  • Wait for a moment till you call connects at the lost and found department,

  • Then a person will avail on the call for your assistance,

  • State the reason for connecting their department,

  • The person will take the info for the lost and found item,

  • Provide the contact details for filing the report,

  • And then, your report for a lost or found item will be filed at Mexico City Airport. 

How Do I Call Mexico City Airport lost and found?

If you are hoping to contact an official for your help regarding a lost and found item, you can reach the official using Mexico City Airport Lost and Found Phone number (2482-2289 or 2598-7169). Calling on any of the numbers will get you a person who will help you with your lost and found query. 

If you cannot connect with a person on the call with the lost and found department and you want to file a report of an item. In that situation, you should consider filling out a lost and found form that is provided by Mexico City Airport. If you wish to know how you can fill out the lost and found form, below is the process given. 

The process to fill out the lost and found form:

  • Login to the website of Mexico City Airport,

  • Search for “Lost & Found” on the website,

  • Choose an option from:

    • International Airlines

    • National Airlines

  • A new page will open on your screen with Lost and Found details,

  • Navigate the applicable form to file a report,

  • Then fill the form with appropriate details,

  • Give a description of the item on the form,

  • Attach any file related to lost and found on the form,

  • Then press the submit button to send the form to airport.

Following this procedure will submit the file, and you will obtain a unique number in your email to track your lost and found claim. The status of your report can be taken by an official or through the airport’s website. 

How Can I contact Mexico City Baggage Claim?

Suppose you wish to contact the baggage claim department of the airport to obtain the details related to baggage claim, opening hours, excess baggage, or other info related to baggage allowance. You can reach the concerned person using the Mexico City Airport baggage claim phone number: 248-22-435. Here the required assistance for the baggage will be obtained. 

Where is baggage claim at Mexico City Airport?

The baggage claim is located in Terminal 1 at Building B, second Level at the Mexico City Airport for flight schedules nationally. And for international flights, the baggage claim is located in Terminal 2. The Baggage claim office opening hours are from 09:00 am to 06:30 am from Monday to Sunday. 

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