How do I add TSA precheck to tap Portugal? get instant help


If you do not want to spend your time in the security check queues and wish to get priority while taking your TAP Portugal flight, then add a TSA precheck while checking in your TAP Portugal flight. Frequent flyers can easily avail of the priority checking service by TSA Precheck. It can save time and be very helpful for the flyers who are not very well. This way, you get premium access to the boarding gate. If you are thinking, How do I add TSA precheck to tap Portugal, then read the below guide to learn about the process?

Request TSA Precheck By Submitting an application:

First, you need to apply for a TSA request to get priority checking at TAP Portugal. Follow the below steps to request the TSA Precheck:

Go to the TSA (Transport Security Administration) Precheck website,

Submit an online form by going through the background check,

Get the KTN/PASS ID number after the approval of your request.

Steps to add TSA Precheck to TAP Portugal:

Go to the official website of TAP Portugal,

Click on Manage Reservation,

Now tap the “Edit Traveller Information” option,

Add TSA Precheck at the time of check-in,

Enter the TSA Precheck number

Now, you can go through the security check on priority, avoiding the long queue.
Hence, you can avail of the TSA Precheck service by this method or contact TAP Portugal for priority check-in at the airport. The representative will help to guide you on how you can add the TSA Precheck at TAP Portugal.

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