When can you upgrade to business class in LOT

How To Make an Upgrade On LOT Polish Airlines? 

When you made a travel arrangement on LOT Polish Airline but were not satisfied with the respective provision, you can make an upgrade request. When you are having trouble, such as How can you upgrade from LOT? Then do not get worried because a solution related to this is available now. However, the clues about the modes have been defined at the bottom:-


When you do not want to act along the extended procedure of an upgrade, then make a call to them. This way, you could connect with a live person and dedicate your issues efficiently. Thus, the airline phone number is 1 (212) 789-0970, and then follow up with the telephone menu such as this:-

  • Press1 to choose a preferred language 

  • And then press1 to purchase a flight ticket 

  • Press5 for an upgrade

  • Press0 to speak with customer service


You may have to pay extra over-calling options, and you could eliminate those by using an online mode. Moreover, you could be able to carry out the procedure independently, and the steps related to this have been defined at the bottom:-

  • Get to LOT Polish Airlines' official web page

  • Further, click on the manage my booking options

  • Now, submit your booking reference number with your last name.

  • On the next tab, click on the Make an Offer icon.

  •  After that, enter the amount you could pay for an upgrade and click on the submit icon.

What Is The LOT Upgrade Policy?

When you are entitled to an upgrade on LOT Polish Airline, then you could get to be entitled as per the upgrade policy. Further, you can acquire details about those from the beneath:-

  • When you have to make an upgrade within 24 hours, then you can make a direct booking without placing a bid. But when there is a difference of seven days in reservation and departure.

  • An upgrade could be eligible for a ticket purchased 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. 

  • You might acquire and upgrade facilities over every operating destination. And the seats in an upgrade are also restricted.

  • When you had acquired an upgrade, then your fare condition with baggage rules could not be changed. You may have to follow the previous statutory provision.

  • If a flight ticket has been purchased with the travel agent, then you get to look up to them, not an airline.

What is the cost of an upgrade in LOT?

When you need an upgrade on LOT Polish Airline, then you get to the palace and bid for the same, and that confirmation could be received at least 23 hours before its departure on a registered email. However, placing a bid is free, but you could have to pay a bidding amount of around $100 to $500. This amount could rely on an upgrade type.

When can you upgrade to business class in LOT?

When you are willing to move to business class in LOT Polish Airline, then you can submit your bid request from the time of ticket purchase to 24 hours before departure. When your appeal is approved, then the amount could be dedicated automatically from the embedded payment details. 

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